Reducing smartphone radiation

Health: How to reduce the radiation of your cell phoneWhich cell phones and smartphones are low in radiation? And how can the stress caused by one's own phoning-. Keep surfing as low as possible? You can find the answers here.

Reducing radiation from smartphones

as an entrepreneur's daughter and journalist, has met many interesting medium-sized companies with courage, ideas and a sense of responsibility. Among other things, it deals with strategies in times of a shortage of skilled workers and with the question of how to stay in balance as a self-employed person despite a flood of work. The German Federal Office for Radiation Protection has published a list of over 3000 cell phone models. About half of them classified as low radiation. – Frequent users in particular should also review their behavior when making phone calls and surfing the Internet in order to limit radiation exposure. – The BfS gives concrete behavior recommendations for it.

To protect themselves from health risks, cell phone owners should expose themselves to as few electromagnetic fields as possible. The German Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) describes cell phones and smartphones as low radiation if they do not exceed a SAR value of 0.6 watts when used on the head. You thus fulfill an important criterion for the "Blue Angel" eco-label.

Limit value refers to the thermal effect of cell phone radiation

SAR stands for "Specific Absorption Rate" and is a measure of the radio frequency energy absorbed by body tie. To exclude possible damage to health, a limit value of two watts has been set. The decisive factor is the warming effect, explains BfS press spokesman Jan Henrik Lauer: "In animal experiments, for example, health-relevant effects were demonstrated when the body temperature increased by significantly more than 1° Celsius over a longer period of time."

List provides information on radiation levels of current cell phone models

In a list of the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS), which is freely available on the Internet, the radiation values of more than 3000 devices from about 70 different manufacturers can be found. These include tablets and older cell phones, which are now no longer produced. If older models are not included, the proportion of low-radiation cell phones is 55 percent (around 40 percent in total).

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