Scarlet fever in children infection symptoms and treatment

What are there not all for diseases, which can get our dear little ones? And, no matter how well read we are, how much we have researched or seen in our circle of acquaintances – many diseases, especially in our own children, still throw us off track when the symptoms first appear. Because, as with the upbringing of children, it is just as with diseases. Sure, you know the theory, nevertheless the practice can make you fearful and anxious.

Especially those children's diseases, which are treated at home due to high risk of infection, we just do not know first hand. Such is also scarlet fever.

What is scarlet fever?

Scarlet fever is a bacterial disease (the culprits here are streptococci). A serious childhood disease with a high risk of infection from which even adults are not immune. Scarlet fever is very well treatable in children. Normally, the little ones are out of action for only two days. Nevertheless, scarlet fever should be diagnosed and treated by a doctor as soon as possible in order to avoid a severe course of the disease and subsequent illnesses.

Symptoms of scarlet fever in children

Although scarlet fever can occur in a variety of forms with a wide range of symptoms, in most cases this childhood disease reveals itself through typical symptoms.

– severe fevers / chills – difficulty swallowing / sore throat – cough / runny nose – vomiting – swollen mucous membranes / lymph nodes – abdominal pain or headache first white, then red shining strawberry tongue
– rash in the crooks of the arms and groin (may spread to the whole body as it progresses) – velvety reddening of the skin, from which, however, the mouth and chin area are left out (milk mustache)

Scarlet fever in children infection symptoms and treatment

The famous strawberry tongue, accompanied by one or more of the above symptoms, can be an almost unmistakable sign of scarlet fever. Only a medical doctor can clearly determine this, in order to exclude a confusion with the Kawasaki syndrome. Because also with the Kawasaki syndrome the said strawberry or raspberry tongue occurs. Scarlet fever runs very differently.

How dangerous is scarlet fever in children?

While one child may suffer from a wide range of symptoms, another may only complain of a sore throat and a rash. Scarlet fever generally has no complications. If the disease is carried over, however, it can lead to secondary infections such as otitis media. In rare cases rheumatic fever occurs, which can damage the heart muscle and kidneys.
Angina, scarlet fever or simple tonsillitis – the rapid test will tell you.

Possibility of infection

The scarlet fever pathogens (in this case streptococci) find their way into the body of the children in different ways

– through the transmission of droplets (droplet infection), for example by sneezing or coughing – contaminated objects (cutlery, toys) – through a contact infection via mouth and throat – infection via open wounds is also possible

The disease occurs more frequently in spring and winter and spreads rapidly in places where people live in close proximity to each other. Schools, kindergartens and one's own family are ideal places to bring the pathogen "among the people.

Infection / incubation period of scarlet fever

The time from infection to the outbreak of the disease (incubation period) is usually 2-4 days. It is therefore quite possible that one has already infected his environment although no signs of illness are noticeable yet. The risk of infection lasts as long as the patient carries the pathogen in him/her. In the case of treatment with antibiotics, there is usually no longer any risk of infection after the first dose within 24 hours and the little patients are free of symptoms after 48 hours at the latest.

Treatment of scarlet fever in children

Parents should definitely go to the pediatrician with their child at the slightest suspicion of scarlet fever. It will then provide certainty based on a rapid test and, if necessary. eliminate the pathogens with the appropriate medicines. Unfortunately, treatment with antibiotics cannot be avoided due to infection with streptococci.

Homeopathy for scarlet fever as a complementary treatment

Homeopathic medicines can be used as useful adjuncts to conventional therapy measures. This gentle healing method is based on the similarity rule: "like should be healed with like". Can lead to worsening of symptoms at the beginning of the treatment – as illogical as it may sound. This does not mean that it is an unwanted side effect. On the contrary, the so-called initial worsening it is a sign that the body responds to the remedy and the organism mobilizes its self-healing powers. Belladonna, for example, has proven to be effective. Apis as helpful in the treatment of scarlet fever in children. However, an optimal therapy plan should be developed through a personal discussion with the doctor or a homeopath on the basis of the individual clinical picture. Because regardless of the symptoms, different homeopathic remedies are also used for different children. With professional help certainly a gentle procedure to get your own child the desired recovery as soon as possible.

Can children contract scarlet fever more than once?

After a scarlet fever illness, the children are not immune to scarlet fever. The fact that there are different types of bacteria that cause scarlet fever, makes multiple infections possible in a lifetime. There is no immunization, as is the case with measles or rubella, for example.

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