Search engine optimization berlin digitalagentur 3pc gmbh neue kommunikation

Search engine optimization (SEO)The digital data jungle grows unstoppable. The success of your products or services is now determined not only by their quality, but also by their visibility on the web. In order to make content findable, it helps to understand and take into account the search intentions of users.

What good is the best content if no one knows about it??

For access to information, search engines are crucial, because for the crawlers and bots that search the web day and night, the relevance factor plays the significant role. Only relevant content is included in the search index. Whoever is found, increases the traffic for his website and thus increases the attention. Content and structure of the website should therefore be adapted in such a way that it is recognized by search engines such as Google& Co. be found more easily.

Who is not visible, gives away the chance to be seen. Thanks to our SEO strategy, 100 percent of our customers have achieved a top 10 ranking – some even reached first place.

search engine optimization berlin digitalagentur 3pc gmbh neue kommunikation

The golden SEO rules

The following parameters play an important role in search engine optimization:

– Website structure – Keyword research – Keyword selection – User*s search intention – Traffic analysis – Information architecture – Excellent content – Loading times – Responsive design – Continuous monitoring and analysis of optimization

Our concepts do not only pay attention to usability, but also to a clean optimization. This allows them to be flexibly adjusted in the event of search engine algorithm changes – such as a Google update.

Search engine optimization: Evaluation of the status quo

With Google Search Console, Sistrix and web statistics software like Matomo and Google Analytics we analyze your status quo regarding the relevant factors. We evaluate the search impressions and the visibility of your pages at Google, how the hits on the page look like so far and where they come from. We also check the keywords in terms of relevance, popularity and competitiveness.

search engine optimization berlin digital agency 3pc gmbh neue kommunikation

As part of the competition and competitor analysis, we evaluate HTML codes, analyze crawling problems, content quality and link popularity. The analysis is an important basis for the initial optimization concept. On-page we optimize not only the image material for the image search but also the link structure on your website. Off-page we carry out measures that lead to an increasing popularity of your content and complement SEO with our expertise from the field of social media marketing.

Trends and monitoring

Since constant care is necessary in this context, we permanently check your domain popularity and the rank of the pages in the search engines and make adjustments if necessary. We monitor the search impressions using suitable webmaster tools. We react to search word trends and adapt them to your needs. An outstanding monitoring provides you with an overview of the success of the SEO measures. We are also happy to provide regular evaluation as part of our support services .

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