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Almost one in ten people in Germany – up to eight million according to estimates – suffers from the joint wear and tear osteoarthritis, according to the medical society. It is considered the most common joint disease in the world.

Aging process of the joints

Causes of the disease can be wear and tear due to overload during sports or heavy physical work. Pre-existing conditions or joint misalignment can also lead to osteoarthritis if they cause joints to be more stressed and worn out. Excess weight can also promote joint wear – by overloading the knee joints. In addition, hormonal, genetic and metabolic factors in the development of osteoarthritis are also discussed.

Osteoarthritis is a wear and tear condition of the joints that occurs with advancing age. In this process the cartilage layer between the joint bones is worn away. According to the German Rheumatism League suffer up to 55. In the second half of their lives, men in particular suffer from the disease. Among the elderly, osteoarthritis mainly affects women.

Complaints in osteoarthritis

If the pain occurs even at rest, it is a sure sign of overuse. Then there may be an inflammation of the joint. The knees, hips, spine, ankle joint and fingers of the working hand are particularly vulnerable.

Typical in osteoarthritis are stiffness and joint pain that slowly diminishes with movement, but reappears after prolonged strain. In addition, symptoms include swollen joints that respond to prere with pain.

Treatment options

Treatment begins with prevention: Maintain a normal weight, exercise the muscles with moderate sports and thereby relieve the prere on the joints. In some cases, axial misalignments in joints can be alleviated with medical aids such as special shoe fittings or orthoses.

Many medications and medical devices are said by manufacturers to prevent osteoarthritis or be suitable for treating early forms. Some of these products, which are often advertised in magazines, are ineffective. It is therefore advisable to consult with a physician before purchasing such supportive measures in order to clarify the effectiveness of the drug or aid in advance. The intake of the active ingredients glucosamine-. Chondroitin sulfate is said to have no positive effects on joint cartilage according to studies. Injections with hyaluronic acid are controversial and at best have a pain-relieving effect, according to Stiftung Warentest, a product testing foundation. In its report, it also notes that in some cases the injections can cause adverse effects such as hypersensitivity reactions.

If conservative medical treatment doesn't work, surgery can help: Correcting joint misalignments, for example, can prevent the progression of osteoarthritis. Cartilage transplants are only possible in individual cases with mostly young patients. .

In advanced cases of osteoarthritis, artificial joints can be installed. Here, knee and hip joints are replaced most frequently, but also shoulder, elbow or ankle joints. These artificial joints last ten to 20 years. Allow painless joint movements. Treatment should be supervised by the orthopedic surgeon.

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