Sport instead of burnout fitness knowledge

Total exhaustion, listlessness, burned out. This is how burnout syndrome can be described in a few words. The term, which for a long time was only known in specialist circles, is now on everyone's lips and, along with depression, is one of the most common widespread diseases in Germany. In 2013, around 9 million Germans were affected by it nationwide. Every second person feels threatened by burnout.

Diagnosis Burnout

Although burnout syndrome has only become popularly known in recent years, the condition has existed for some time. In 1974, the American psychoanalyst Herbert Freudenberger first identified the symptoms in doctors. Burnout describes a state of deep physical and mental exhaustion. Those affected often suffer from sleep disorders. Concentration problems and even depression. They are dissatisfied with themselves and their lives and increasingly see less meaning behind their work and the tasks to be done.

Performance-oriented people are particularly at risk of falling into the vicious circle of burnout. They put themselves under a lot of prere at work, work too much and do not listen to the signals of their body and soul. All this causes a permanent negative stress (in contrast to the positive so-called eustress), which causes a variety of symptoms. The first signs of impending burnout are z. B. Sleep disorders, indigestion, depressive mood, constant fatigue and back problems. Who ignores all these signals, feels then sometime only "I cannot more. I am empty and completely burnt out." At the latest then it is high time for professional support by a doctor and/or therapist, because burnout is much more than "only" exhaustion. It is a serious mental illness that needs to be treated.

How to prevent burnout?

Well-intentioned advice on burnout prevention such as "work less" or "simply avoid stress sound nice, but are hardly realizable in our performance-oriented society. Nevertheless, you can do a lot yourself to prevent burnout. The magic word is sport.

Regular exercise helps body and soul in every conceivable way: On the one hand, sport is ideal for reducing stress, because pent-up emotions such as aggression, tension and nervousness are actually "moved away". On the other hand sporty activity releases reliably luck hormones. Whether running, cycling or on the cross trainer: exercise makes you happy and balanced. In addition, physical tension is reduced, which in the long run can improve back problems, for example. Sport also activates the brain metabolism, which keeps us fit not only physically but also mentally. People who are fit in the head cope better with stress and manage tricky tasks at work more confidently.

sport instead of burnout fitness knowledge

Burnout prevention sport

But which sport is best suited for burnout prevention?? Quite simply, the one you enjoy the most! It is important to avoid the "inner pig dog" not to give a chance. That's why home fitness equipment can be an ideal solution, especially for stressed people with little time. Here you will find a wide range of equipment. From back trainers to ergometers.

A good way to really work out and forget the stress of everyday life is to train on a cross trainer. This perfectly mimics the motion of active walking or jogging and simultaneously trains legs, hips, arms, shoulders and chest in a single movement. A complete full-body workout including healthy endurance training is thus guaranteed.

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