Spring core or cold foam mattress health benefits of a high-quality mattress

Innerspring or cold foam mattresses? – Health benefits of a high-quality mattressspring core or cold foam mattress health benefits of a high-quality mattress

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Many causes of back pain, nowadays already a widespread disease, can be traced back to not getting enough restful sleep. Sleeping comfort is an important prerequisite for healthy sleep. Considering the long time we spend in bed throughout our lives, it is extremely important to find a mattress with the highest level of comfort. A good mattress should adapt individually to the requirements of the body, so that an ergonomically optimal sleep comfort arises.

Consumers are faced with a wide choice of different types when buying a new mattress. The most popular are Innerspring and cold foam mattresses, whereby the latter enjoy ever greater popularity. But where are the differences and which type of mattress really gives us a healthy and restful sleep?

Innerspring mattresses – advantages and disadvantages

In many cases, innerspring mattresses initially give the impression of being comfortable. They have a steel spring core, which ensures good ventilation of the mattress. This is especially an advantage for people who sweat heavily at night. They are also a solution for bedsteads that are not sufficiently ventilated from below.

" Point elasticity in innerspring mattresses

However, the so-called point elasticity of the cheaper models is often insufficient. Depending on the quality, innerspring mattresses contain a different number of steel springs, all of which support the body with the same resistance. A point elasticity adapted to the different body zones is impossible with spring core. This means that shoulders and pelvis do not sink in optimally, which significantly reduces sleeping comfort. Poor circulation, restless sleep and joint pain are often the result.

"Supporting capacity and noise level

In addition, innerspring mattresses lose more than ten percent of their support capacity already in the first year. Another disadvantage of sleeping on an innerspring mattress is that often, when the body moves, disturbing noises arise due to a reverberation. In addition, they are often not usable on an adjustable slatted frame. Pocket spring mattresses with steel springs, which are sewn into individual pockets and which have better point elasticity, offer good sleeping comfort, but are again much more expensive. Cold foam mattresses have a variety of beneficial properties. That is why they are preferred by people with back problems. These mattresses are made of a foam core. Therefore, offer excellent point elasticity. They support

– optimally support the body, – relieve the spine, – prevent tension and prere points,

and are superior to most innerspring mattresses because of their good lying properties. A change in sleeping position is immediately cushioned by a cold foam mattress.

" Cold foam mattress suitable for allergy sufferers?

Cold foam mattresses are humidity and temperature-regulating, therefore hardly susceptible to mites and for house dust allergy sufferers suitably. They absorb liquid well and have high ventilation, which creates a healthy, dry sleeping environment. However, they should lie on a flexible, adjustable slatted frame to allow optimal air circulation under the mattress.

" Weight, noise level and durability

The handling of cold foam mattresses is facilitated by the fact that they weigh only little. In addition, these mattresses cause almost no noise when the body moves. A great advantage is still their long durability, without deforming or nicking. Therefore, they also have an excellent price-performance ratio.

"Structure of a cold foam mattress

Cold foam mattresses are composed of three different core elements:

– a support, – a center core, – a base layer.

Some cold foam mattresses also have a special shoulder comfort zone in their center core.

"Hygiene and safety

In today's models, the cover is elastic and breathable. In most cases, it has a zipper, so it is easily removable and washable at 60 degrees. Because of the increased fire danger cold foam mattresses possess with difficulty inflammable covers. However, due to the chemical manufacturing process, these mattresses often have a somewhat unpleasant odor at first. They should therefore be sufficiently aired in the first time. After a few days, this smell is then gone.

Test winner mattress

spring core or cold foam mattress health advantages of a high-quality mattress

When mattresses were last tested for the Stiftung Warentest ie 07/2015, the Bodyguard mattress available here was able to achieve the test victory.

It was even called the "best mattress ever tested. And also in the follow-up test (04/2016), it achieved top marks, as well as the verdict "always unchanged good". Especially in the test categories reference. Durability this cold foam mattress got top marks. And this, although the mattress with only 199, – euro even belonged to the most favorable models! To the mattress test report..

Cold foam mattresses cut off in the comparison with spring mattresses above average well. Both in terms of excellent lying properties, sleeping comfort, durability, flexibility, handling and price. The optimal choice, then, for buyers who are health-conscious and/or suffer from back problems.

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