Stimulate metabolism tips to boost the metabolism

The Metabolic Balance nutritional concept is based on the amption that everyone processes and tolerates food differently. It is no diet in the conventional sense, but an individually tailored metabolism program with the goal. Read more

Stimulate the metabolism with sports

There are many different ways to heat up the metabolism. One of the most important, if not the number one, is sport. Who moves, heats up the metabolism so correctly. Fat is burned. Meals digested better. It is best to exercise outdoors in nature – this will ensure the necessary oxygen supply at the same time. Built-up muscles also increase your basal metabolic rate – so even when you're not doing anything, you're burning more calories, killing two birds with one stone.

Boost the metabolism with herbs and spices

But nature also has various spices and herbs ready, with the help of which you can easily boost the metabolism. This curbs the cravings. Boost fat burning. In addition, the spices stimulate the production of hormones and digestive enzymes. An example would be pepper. The green hot pepper pushes the metabolism and provides better blood circulation. Nice side effect: The skin looks plumper by the good blood circulation. In addition, its essential oils stimulate digestion. Well, and because pepper is not everyone's cup of tea, there is still the good fennel. The essential oils of fennel gently relax. Have a calming effect on the entire gastrointestinal tract . and thus calms the metabolism a bit so that it remains in balance.

Not to be despised is also rosemary! It brings the circulation. Metabolism so correctly in swing. And it's all natural, because it contains essential oils, organic acids and bitter substances – all from one source, so to speak. The hibiscus flowers have a vasoprotective effect, similar to red wine or grape juice. The antioxidants it contains have a positive effect on cholesterol levels and also burn fat! Nettles and cloves also help to keep the metabolism going. The leaves of the stinging nettle have a draining and detoxifying effect. They stimulate the metabolism and get the digestion and hormone production for fat burning going. The essential oils of clove support this purification effect.

Stimulate metabolism with ginger

Cut ginger into fine slices, pour hot water on it and let it steep for 10 minutes. This mixture not only provides relief from a sore throat, but also specifically boosts calorie consumption. But ginger also heats you up in the form of gingerol. This is an essential oil that is extracted from the ginger tuber. It heats up the fat burning process. Makes the metabolism fire. By the way, essential oils are also used in aromatherapy because they have a beneficial effect on health. Aromatherapy is a treatment method using highly purified essential oils to support the body's self-healing function and well-being (z.B. Eucalyptus: antiseptic – expectorant. Lavender: antipyretic – sleep-inducing). Essential oils are inhaled, rubbed or ingested. This can be done by self-treatment or by an alternative practitioner.

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