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Strength training?

This sounds like gyms where bodybuilders lift heavy weights to work out their biceps. However, regular strength training is suitable for everyone and in no way leads to huge mountains of muscle, but ensures that the musculoskeletal system can perform its function properly. Well trained muscles protect the joints and make you fit for everyday life and work.

Strength training!

After just a few weeks of regular strength training, the positive effects on health and well-being begin to appear. Your figure will be firmer, you will have more strength and you will be able to cope with the simple and not so simple things of everyday life more easily. In strength training, you train your entire body through targeted, coordinated exercises. Strength training serves to build muscle. Muscle toning. In addition to improving your health, you can get your body in shape with targeted strength training or. Get. We combine endurance sports and strength training. This strengthens the heart and circulation and builds muscle mass. Functional strength training trains the whole body in its chains of movement. At the same time, z.B. Squats, push-ups and other bodyweight exercises are not to be missed. The focus of the exercises alternates between strength, strength endurance and z.T. Sensomotorics.

For strength training, we use a wide range of hand-held equipment (z.B. Dumbbell, barbell, kettlebell, medicine ball). Supportive step, tubes, bands and other sports equipment are used. We do not do machine training. The sport is suitable for most performance levels. If an exercise is too hard or too easy, there are usually easier or easier ways to do it. more difficult alternatives.

Goals of the training

– Strong muscles relieve prere on the spine and intervertebral discs and can ensure a healthy, pain-free back. – Strength training is THE secret tip for permanent fat reduction. – With strength training, you create reserves that take the strain off your heart. – Early strength training can prevent osteoporosis. Muscles stay active longer through strength training. Make your joints more resilient. – Strength training is the ideal complement to other sports. – Strength training can counteract one-sided stress. – Strength training has a positive effect on the psyche and makes you mentally fit.

Success of the training

A health-oriented strength training evokes a series of adaptations in our body that sustainably improve our quality of life and general well-being:

– The central nervous system more efficiently controls the interaction between individual muscles and muscle fibers within a muscle, resulting in an increase in strength capabilities. – Compaction of tie and bone serves as prophylaxis and therapy for osteoporosis. The metabolism is optimized. Builds greater reserve capacity. – Strengthening the cardiovascular system ensures faster blood transport and thus a better supply of nutrients, which leads to increased performance in all areas of life. – In addition, targeted strength training can successfully compensate for one-sided body stresses served by work or other sports activities.

Our trainers

Ina Glag

06192 /928 561 0175/ 328 2432 [email protected]

Our training times

The current training times can be found in the weekly overview on the "Sport offer page" (the overview is separated according to indoor and outdoor activities) .

There you can also register directly. Click in the calendar directly on the offer for which you would like to register.

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