Toniebox generates wifi radiation. We reveal how to turn it off

Toniebox generates WLAN radiation – you can turn it offThe Toniebox is now present as a children's toy in very many homes. It inspires both children and their parents. With this device, however, you can partly Measure WLAN radiation, whose strength is possibly as harmful to health as z.B. Wood preservatives, mold or other harmful substances. Fortunately, one can use the Toniebox turn off the WLAN. Read this post to find out how it works.

WLAN radiation from Toniebox and other toys is measurable

Toniebox generates wifi radiation. we reveal how to turn it off

Toniebox: WLAN can be switched off (Image: Pixabay)

Children's toys, such as the Toniebox also emit a WLAN signal almost constantly, z.B. when searching for the nearest router.

According to the manufacturer, this is always the case if

1. the Toniebox is put into operation for the first time 2. 3. one has downloaded new content to the associated Toniecloud. Then place the figure back on the box. content into the associated Toniecloud loaded. Then put the figure back on the box.

There is a radiation strength of the WLAN measurable, which exceeds the building-biological precautionary values and the guideline values of the professional association of the European environmental physicians (EUROPAEM-EMF). Because unfortunately WLAN – radiation harmful. Particularly critical is the fact that such toys are positioned in close proximity to the child. As the distance to the radiation source decreases, the radiation strength increases significantly. You can still measure the WLAN radiation of the Toniebox even if there is no WLAN network available in the house or the router is switched off.

So it remains to be noted that the box also then all ca. 10 seconds sends if you download nothing and the child only listens to music. Unfortunately, there is no switch on the Toniebox to turn the radiation on and off.

Remedy is possible with the Toniebox – this is how it is done !

According to the manufacturer, the box can also be operated in offline mode, after you have installed it and downloaded the contents of the Tonie figures completely to the Toniebox. Playing music or audio books is then possible without WLAN radiation.

The manufacturer's website describes how the WLAN can be deactivated (set offline mode):

1. Switch on the Toniebox and make sure that no Tonie or creative Tonie is set up. 2. hold both ears pressed at the same time (ca. 5 seconds) until a signal sounds. 3. the Toniebox then starts to blink blue – now let go of both ears. 4. then hold down one of the two ears. 5. after approx. 3 seconds the blue flashing LED changes to a white glow. You will get the voice message "Offline mode is now activated".

If you need the wifi again (z.B. for a brand new Tonie figure) you have to proceed as follows:

1. Switch on the Toniebox and make sure that no Tonie is set up. 2. Then hold down both ears simultaneously until the LED changes from a white to a green glow and the voice message "Offline mode has been completed" is heard.

So: Switching off WLAN on the Toniebox is possible after all. It's just a pity that the manufacturer has hidden this function in such a way. In fact, electrosmog exposure from sparking devices in the home should be reduced as much as possible. Electromagnetic radiation should be avoided, especially in the vicinity of children, as they are particularly sensitive to negative environmental influences.

Switch off WLAN on other devices as well

Many appliances and household items also have Wi-Fi transmitters. These are z.B. in loudspeaker boxes, laptops, routers, printers, televisions, refrigerators, vacuum robots, etc. built-in. You should watch these channels Always switch off resp. deactivate. Ask your customer service about this or look in the user manual.

It's best to refrain from buying such devices. Demand influences supply.

The building biologist can also find other health hazards in the house

Residents of a home can also be enhanced by chemical pollutants from furniture, furnishings or building materials can make us sick. Moreover, in our modern and dense buildings, there is an increased Mold threat. Especially in the case of unexplained symptoms of illness, musty smells or past water damage, the specialist in the room air possible Measuring mold. Furthermore, we can also electromagnetic radiation Or Measuring asbestos in the home.

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