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Brain& NervesThe brain and the associated control and regulation technology – the nervous system – are a marvel of evolution. But unfortunately also prone to disorders. If, for example, the balance of neurotransmitters in the brain becomes unbalanced, this can lead to Parkinson's disease or epilepsy. And the loss of blood supply to this energy-hungry organ due to a stroke saps entire areas of the brain. Read how these and many other neurological diseases can be cured in this focus topic "Neurology.

Cluster headaches : sheer tearing

Cluster headaches are unjustifiable. Patients suffer from agonizing attacks, the helplessness of doctors and often also the lack of understanding of their fellow human beings. By Magdalene Weber more

Ticks : beware of bloodsuckers

Picked up in tall grass, ticks walk across the skin until they find a soft spot and bite. Not always, but sometimes, a sting can have nasty consequences. By Gwendolin Gurr more

Doctor's letter: Tick-borne diseases Healthy living: Intelligent living Healthy living: New Act – New Brain

Migraine : Like a hangover without alcohol

Nausea, sensitivity to light and pounding headaches – migraines are a truly widespread disease. Where the pain comes from and what you can do about it By Frieder Piazena more

Epilepsy : Thunderstorms in the head

In epilepsy, many neurons discharge simultaneously in the brain. Seizures are the result. When medication doesn't help, surgery is an option for some patients By Magdalene Weber more

Healthy living: Intelligent living Healthy living: New action – new brain Guide: Staying smart while playing

– 06.04.2016 3:06 pm Mad cow disease Goodbye BSE?

Mad cow disease and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease have received less and less media coverage in recent years – but rightly so? By Leonard Hillmann more

It is a disease with a thousand faces. Yet many associate multiple sclerosis with one thing above all: life in a wheelchair. New drugs can prevent this From Magdalene Weber more

Stroke patients have to learn many things from scratch – as if they were little children. Neurological rehab clinics help them get back to their old lives. By Frieder Piazena more

How to manage stroke patients even faster? Bringing the clinic to the patient! Medical base manager Martin Ebinger talks about the stroke mobile. By Frieder Piazena more

Every human being is born with a certain potential. In order to develop this, he must learn – and learn from childhood onwards. By Magdalene Weber more

The network of our brain is in constant change. Whether reading, arithmetic or playing the piano – when we learn something new, it leaves traces in the neuron connections.

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