Training as a nurse all info

Training as a nurse – all the factsTraining as a nurse is known to be very demanding. In this article, we'll give you all the info you need to know.

training as a nurse all info

Training as a nurse: all the facts

Since the 1. January 2020 the training in nursing has changed fundamentally. It is now carried out in a generalist manner.

– As of this date, the professions of geriatric nurse, nurse practitioner, and pediatric nurse practitioner have been merged because the requirements often overlap. The so-called generalist nursing training is completed after three years. A successfully passed state final examination with the title nursing specialist from. During this time you will learn everything you need to know about the profession both theoretically in class and practically in the hospital. – Alternatively, you can choose a specialization after the second year: So for example in nursing. – Once considered a women-only profession, today both men and women can become nurses. Nevertheless, the proportion of women is up to 95%. – Due to the demographic change, which leads to an increasingly aging society, nurses will become even more important (and scarce) in the future. – If the hospital pays according to the collective agreement, nurses can earn up to 1100 euros in the first year of training, with each year this figure increases by 50 to 100 euros. – The starting salary for a nurse is around 2800 euros gross. With many years of professional experience and a management role, you can later expect to earn up to 3400 euros.

The tasks of a nurse

The role of the nurse occupies an essential position in the health care system. The tasks that await you are varied and demanding.

– After your training you can work in a hospital, in a home for the elderly, in residential homes with disabled people or, for example, within medical studies. – Depending on where you work, you will have different responsibilities. – In general, however, nurses care for patients, both psychologically and physically. – For example, you are responsible for the hygiene and food intake of the patients and observe them after surgeries to be able to detect any changes immediately. In addition, nurses assist in operations. Generally during medical treatment. – As a nurse, there are numerous opportunities to further your education or seek out a different specialty.

What you should bring with you

Not everyone is suited to work as a nurse. Before you decide to train, there are a few things you should be aware of.

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