Training to become a nursing assistant w m d at diakovere technical school center diakovere careers

Training as a nursing specialist (f/m/d)Forward-looking, practice-oriented, varied: Your training as a nursing specialist (f/m/d) in our specialist training center in Hanover – Start 4 times a year!

You are interested in training as a nursing specialist (f/m/d)? You want to learn to care for people professionally -. Support them in their everyday life? Then you are welcome to apply with us.

training to become a nursing specialist w m d at diakovere vocational training center diakovere careers

What is special about this profession?

You are a responsible and empathetic person and you know how demanding it is to care for people? Nursing is all about that: with comprehensive medical knowledge. You take care of the person in need of care with loving care. Because he or she needs your help: Be it because he or she is ill, had an accident, is old or still small – with disability or without restriction.

Nursing is therefore a demanding, multifaceted profession with varied tasks in different places. You can work in an acute care hospital or in nursing care for the elderly. You have very different opportunities!

Do you already know how much perspective the nursing profession offers you?? You can continue your education and pursue a career, z.B. as a ward manager. Or you continue your studies in the direction of nursing – for example, nursing pedagogy or management.

The future opportunities are excellent: Because our society needs good nursing professionals with heart and mind. We train you!

What subject interests you?

What does our large technical school center in Hanover offer you??

With us you will find variety, competence and quality.

31 dedicated teaching staff form with us annually about 400 trainees at two places of learning of our vocational training center from. These learning sites belong to two of our three DIAKOVERE hospitals – at the Friederikenstift in Hannover's Mitte district and at the Henriettenstift in Hannover-Kirchrode. They are very easy to reach by public transport.

From here you can also plan your free time!

The practical training itself takes place at all three DIAKOVERE hospitals, Annastift, Friederikenstift and Henriettenstift, as well as in the outpatient care and geriatric care facilities . In addition, you will be employed in other areas by our training partners, the Training Association for Nursing Care in Hanover. You will be supported in your practical training by full-time practical instructors.

All this guarantees you variety and different insights into different nursing specialties, z.B. Orthopedics (diseases of the musculoskeletal system), geriatrics (geriatric medicine) or pediatrics (pediatrics).

We organize the places for your practical assignments – you don't have to worry about anything.

Why training as a nursing specialist is worthwhile, especially at DIAKOVERE?

It's the diverse practical experience you can gain with us: Because we are one of the largest social and health care companies in Lower Saxony. There are different practical fields of application – in our three hospitals , in which inpatient care for the elderly as well as in the outpatient care .

And there's more: the nursing training association in Hanover, which includes DIAKOVERE, the Diakonie-Kolleg Hanover, the Birkenhof vocational training center and the AUF DER BULT children's and youth hospital, gives you the opportunity to get to know other areas during your practical training.

What happens during the training?

You want a high-quality, demanding education? You care a lot about friendly interaction and teamwork? Then you are right with us. Because that is exactly what distinguishes us as Christian home from.

What inspires our trainees is the personal support they receive. For example, there is our Sisterhood. Here you can participate in exciting and instructive Seminars and advanced training participate. The personal exchange with the different people in this nursing community can also be a nice and valuable enrichment for you. Many trainees enjoy participating in these activities!

Furthermore, we have School social worker and one School chaplain. We support our trainees in their major projects. Small worries: for example, with family or financial problems. If it is helpful for you, you can use your German language skills through remedial teaching further expand and deepen.

training to become a nursing specialist w m d at the diakovere vocational training center diakovere careers

Exam celebration at Friederikenstift

Personal support during the examination phase – and an atmospheric conclusion

We are also at your side during the examination phase: During oral examinations, z.B. a teacher around you. Once the exam has been taken, the newly qualified are later bid farewell in an atmospheric farewell service. This is a solemn moment to look back once again and then look forward. After all, it's about you – that's more than just handing over a certificate.

After the training as a nursing specialist you can stay with DIAKOVERE or apply on the job market. You have the best opportunities everywhere: Because wherever DIAKOVERE is on the outside, DIAKOVERE is on the inside. We are a proven. At the same time modern "brand. It is known how high quality the training as a nursing specialist is with us. By the way: Our former geriatric nursing school was the oldest in Germany.


Current information about this training.

Training to become a nurse specialist w m d at diakovere specialist training center diakovere careers

Many career opportunities thanks to generalist nursing training

Since 2020, there has been the new generalist nursing training. Generalist means multidisciplinary. What is behind it?

In the past, you had to decide before starting your nursing training whether you wanted to go in the direction of geriatric care, health care and nursing, or health care and pediatric nursing should go. Today, there is generalist training with a vocational qualification "Nursing specialist" or. "Nursing specialist. With this new degree, you'll have more comprehensive training. You are not limited to a specific area of care.

Your advantage: You can decide freely in which area you would like to work later – and you can switch. That's why we train you in our school in a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary way.

The new form of training also includes instruction in the general school subjects German, English, politics and religion.

The new training program has been in place since 2020.

Further training or working abroad?

If, following your generalist training as a nurse, you would like to gain further qualifications in a particular direction at a later date, you can do so at a z.B. in the DIAKOVERE Academy or various nursing courses. In some cases, this is also possible without a high school diploma.

You would like to work abroad? The new vocational qualification also makes this easier: Due to the automatic recognition of the generalist vocational qualification, it is also valid in other EU member states.

As you can see: The nursing profession has prospects.

A typical day for a nursing specialist..

Here's how you can imagine a typical day at one of our DIAKOVERE hospitals or nursing homes for the elderly: On the morning shift, you start by handing over. In your team, you find out which patients or residents you are caring for today and what tasks are coming up. You take care of the people on your ward, look after and care for them – z.B. Body care, measuring blood prere, serving meals, distributing medicines and documenting what has been done well. Together with colleagues, the next steps are discussed – at the end of the shift, there is a handover again. In this way, one hand reaches into the other, always for the benefit of the patient.

Nursing professionals know: Every medical specialty or nursing facility has its own special features. But the care for the patients or residents always comes first.

The training at a glance

Training starts four times a year (1. February, for 1. April, at 1. August and to the 1. October)

Every year, about 100 new trainees start at DIAKOVERE

The lessons take place in block phases

2.100 job-related hours of theoretical and practical training and 280 hours of general education

2.500 hours of practical training at our facilities run by DIAKOVERE and other partners – varied and diverse!

Quality: Our training courses are regularly certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2015. The certificate was ied on 14.09.2018 confirmed.

Training salary: You will receive from 1.190 € in 1. Training year. In 2. Year 1.250 € gross and 1.350 € gross in 3. Year

Training goal: Generalist training in nursing, so that you can later work in any care area

Our vocational school is approved for the application of the education voucher of the Federal Employment Agency in combination with a provider of inpatient long-term care or outpatient care

It is possible to study at Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts while completing the apprenticeship

Personal support during training

Training procedure

Figures, data, facts and much more.

Training as a nurse specialist w m d in diakovere technical school center diakovere career

You would like to study nursing? Two degrees in only 5 years! You would like to do an apprenticeship. Doing your bachelor's degree almost in parallel? If you meet the prerequisite (high school diploma/college entrance qualification), you as a learner can earn two degrees in just five years.

– First, the state-recognized nursing specialist with the generalist training – Second, the academic degree of a “Bachelor of Arts (Nursing)”.

Here's how it works: parallel to your education, you will participate in the 1. Study section of the Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts participate. If you want to continue your education and 1.


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