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Visitors regardless of immunization status and other external personsAll visitors (from primary school age) as well as service providers, craftsmen and other visitors on duty must present a negative documented antigen rapid test (not older than 24 hours) or a negative PCR test (not older than 48 hours) upon entry, regardless of their immunization status. This means that even vaccinated and/or recovered persons must be able to present a negative test result.

Please note: Medically necessary accompanying persons such as parents, legal guardians or carers are not considered as visitors according to a decree of the state of NRW. Depending on the case, the guidelines for outpatients or inpatients apply to them.

Outpatients (3G regulation)

For outpatients, the 3G rule applies: they must either be fully vaccinated or recovered, or have a documented negative rapid antigen test (no older than 24 hours) or a PCR test (no older than 48 hours). The detection of 3G also applies to children. Adolescents from primary school age. A student ID as proof is not sufficient in the hospital. No test needs to be presented for asymptomatic children under 6 years of age.

This 3G regulation also applies to medically necessary escorts. Accompanying persons are only permitted if this is absolutely necessary for medical or personal reasons (z.B. in case of children, in case of births, persons with disabilities). Normally, a maximum of one accompanying person per patient can be brought along.

Test offer
Patients, visitors, accompanying persons and employees of external companies can have a rapid antigen test and, in certain cases, PCR tests carried out at a public Corona test station on parking deck level 04 in front of the Central Clinic.

Please note: The operator of the test center is not UKM. For access to UKM, the negative antigen rapid test result must not be older than 24 hours. UKM employees please note the currently valid differentiated regulations for testing. The UKM-Corona test station next to the family house is open from 9.12. Again, solely responsible for patient care.

Appointment bookings for the public Corona test center can be made on the website of the provider Leezen Heroes. Here you can also find the valid opening hours.

Important note
PCR testing at the UKM-Corona test center next to the family home is only performed in connection with inpatient admission or outpatient treatment. The necessity of PCR testing is determined by the respective clinic.


Patients who are scheduled for inpatient admission or outpatient surgery must provide proof of a negative PCR test (no older than 48 hours). Other inpatients will continue to be tested by the UKM at the UKM Corona Test Center shortly before their inpatient stay. This regulation also applies to medically necessary accompanying persons who are admitted as inpatients together with patients.

Inpatient admitted companions with 2G may visit the cafeteria and eat on site. For non-vaccinated and/or recovered accompanying persons admitted as inpatients, the following applies: One accompanying person per patient (no children or other persons in addition) must be tested with a daily updated and official antigen rapid test (not older than 24 hours).) access to the cafeteria and may take the selected food "to go" only. Consumption on site is not permitted.

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