Ultrasonic humidifier advantages disadvantages areas of application

Ultrasonic humidifier: advantages, disadvantages, areas of applicationIn an ultrasonic humidifier, water is atomized into very fine droplets. In such devices, sounds of a very high frequency are produced with the help of an ultrasound generator. The frequency here is about 1.8 MHz. This means that 1.8 million vibrations per second are generated here. Neither animals nor humans can hear such sounds at such a high frequency.

Due to the ultrasound generated here, there is a tiny drip formation. This dripping is then distributed as a fine mist in the room in which such a device is installed.

How the ultrasonic humidifier works

Ultrasonic humidifier advantages disadvantages areas of application

The water tank present in the device is filled with an appropriate amount of water. The room humidifier with ultrasound then ensures by the nebulization that the air in the room is humidified. The ultrasound ensures a microfine atomization of the water in the air. It is ideal, of course, if you can regulate the intensity of the mist on the device.

As for the water, simple water from the tap is sufficient as a basis here. In addition, there is the possibility of adding essential oils. These ultrasonic humidifiers are called aroma diffusers. In addition, they also spread a pleasant fragrance. The ultrasonic atomizers used today provide healthy indoor air due to the mist produced. At the same time, the use of LED lamps creates a cozy atmosphere in the rooms.

Common areas of use

If there is a dry air in the rooms, this damages the mucous membranes. In the winter time, when it is wet and cold outside, much more time is spent indoors. If there is heating, the humidity in the rooms decreases.

This then leads to dry mucous membranes. Dry mucous membranes increase susceptibility to infections, because in a dry air environment z.B. flu viruses are present longer. Irritation, inflammation and redness can occur on the skin. The eyes can water and itch. Breathing is also more difficult when the air is too dry. Through the use of an ultrasonic humidifier, this dry air is counteracted. This reduces the susceptibility to infection. It also reduces the risk of redness and irritation of the skin and makes breathing easier.

Of course, when using a humidifier, you must regularly measure the humidity of the air to avoid excessive humidity.

Cleaning and maintenance of ultrasonic humidifiers

In the water, depending on the location, there is more or less lime, which is released into the surrounding air. For this reason, there are special descaling cartridges for various models. This of course increases the cost somewhat. Also, the lime that is in the device and settles there must be removed regularly. Special cleaning agents are available for this purpose.

In order for such an ultrasonic device to remain germ-free, regular cleaning and disinfection is necessary. For this purpose there are also special UV-C disinfection bars. This is to prevent or mitigate the germination of the water.

Some modern devices also have their own filter mats, which then have to be replaced at regular intervals. This filters out not only the lime residue, but also a significant proportion of bacteria from the water.

Advantages of ultrasonic humidifiers

– Ultrasonic humidifiers use less energy than other humidifiers; – The cost of purchasing such humidifiers is manageable; – The devices have an attractive design and LED lighting with colored LEDs can also be installed; – The devices are very quiet.

Disadvantages of ultrasonic humidifiers

– germs in the water can be released into the air; – the temperature of the room is lowered because a cold mist is produced; – solids (such as lime) can be atomized with the water and settle as a fine dust on the furniture; – devices are very cleaning-intensive. Ultrasonic humidifiers use less energy. Nevertheless, a good moistening performance is achieved. They can greatly increase the humidity. The use of aromatic oils creates a pleasant indoor climate. However, there is an increased cleaning effort for these devices.

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