Ultrasonic humidifier b 1 e trotec

Ultrasonic humidifier B 1 EESwitch on, take a deep breath and enjoy the healthy room climate with all your senses.

Ultrasound technology for a pleasant indoor climate and to improve air quality

Breathing better means living healthier! With the Trotec 2-in-1 humidifier B 1 E you can turn your home into a wellness oasis for sensitive mucous membranes and respiratory tracts at the touch of a button. Prevent by optimal humidity z. B. colds, irritated eyes or dry skin before.

Would you have known? The average person spends only approx. 20 % of the day in the natural air outdoors. The rest of the time we breathe in indoor air polluted with house dust, allergens and other irritants, which is also often too dry. Humidity below the optimal levels of 40 to 60% further irritates sensitive mucous membranes and promotes colds and coughs. Especially children. Allergy sufferers are very susceptible here.

Breathe freely! The B 1 E humidifier uses ultrasound to transform the water filled into the reservoir into a continuously adjustable spray mist and distributes this freshness-giving humidity throughout the room for up to 15 hours. With its misting capacity of up to 4.8 liters per day, the B 1 E is suitable for rooms of up to 20 m² or. 50 m³. People, pets and plants alike enjoy the benefits of improved air quality. Potted plants thrive. In humans, u. a. decrease the risk of colds.

With all these health- and mood-promoting functions, the operation of the B 1 E is very simple. When the optimal humidity level is reached. If the water tank is empty, the unit switches off automatically. The front-mounted LED flashes to indicate that the tank needs to be refilled. If the unit needs cleaning, the humidifier can be disassembled in no time at all.

Raising to 50% humidity reduces the risk of virus transmission

Specialists have published research results on the resistance of viruses (z. B. SARS-CoV, MERS-CoV or SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19), influenza) and humidity evaluated. It has been found that humidity has serious effects on the infectivity of germ droplets. Dry room air with a relative humidity of less than 40% allows tiny droplets contaminated with flu or cold viruses to dry up. This preserves pathogens. Remain infectious for a very long time. In the optimal range of 40 to 60% relative humidity, aerosols shrink only enough to increase the salt concentration in the aerosol core, killing off the germs and microorganisms they contain. The risk of catching flu-. To infect cold viruses is minimized here.

Specialists emphasize that we can mitigate the risk of infection by raising the humidity in buildings. For example, raising the humidity of the air by humidification to around 50 % leads to a reduction in the risk of transmission. In addition, humidified air improves the body's defenses by cleaning the respiratory tract more efficiently and boosting immune defenses. In modern buildings with a tight building envelope, central heating and ventilation systems, these limits are often not met in everyday life without active air humidification. However, a device with an air humidification function can help here.

Healthy air if desired also with beneficial aromas

The B 1 E has a removable fragrance oil diffuser for additional room air aromatization. A few drops of essential oil are enough to create a soothing room climate. Used in the bedroom, the whisper-quiet B 1 E promotes healthier sleep. In everyday life, the health-activating fragrances can relieve stress and reduce inner restlessness.

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