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The hemorrhagic disease of rabbits

18.08.2021 Worth Knowing News Created by Veterinary Practice Dr. Chinese disease is one of the most dangerous rabbit diseases. Is caused by the RHD virus (Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease). It is considered incurable and leads to death in almost all rabbits in a very short time. For years, the classic RHD virus occurred, since ca. However, in 2010 a new pathogen was detected (RHD-2). This first appeared in Germany in 2014, and even vaccinated rabbits died from it. The tricky thing about this virus is that it can survive for seven months without a host if conditions are favorable. The virus is transmitted by direct contact with other animals or indirectly by mosquitoes (and other blood-sucking insects) and flies or contaminated objects. From infection to outbreak of the disease takes only one to three days. Infected rabbits do not necessarily show conspicuous features, mostly they get high fever shortly before their death, become apathetic and stop eating. In addition, there is a struggle for air, seizures and bleeding from body orifices. The animals then die within a few hours. The rates of death depend strongly on the immune status, age and general condition of the animals, among other factors. After death, animals should definitely not be buried in their own backyard, as the virus can survive in the soil for a very long time. In order to prevent this cruel death, you should have your rabbit vaccinated once a year in any case (also animals kept only indoors)!), because the vaccines used offer a protection of up to 98%. Once a rabbit herd is infected, surviving animals must be relocated from the contaminated area to a completely new location. Extreme hygiene. Disinfection is indispensable. The animals should be vaccinated as soon as possible, because they can be re-infected at any time.

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