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Vital and specialized medical practice Dr. med. Livia Katz in OffenbachIn my practice, my team and I work with great competence and passion for the well-being of patients.

That's why our patients appreciate the high quality of what we do as well as the friendly consultation in my practice.

With comprehensive expertise and complex experience, I have been offering well-founded treatment methods for many years in many areas of general medicine, pain therapy and also for your inner and outer beauty.

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Dr. med. Livia Katz

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for your health

Our services

Modern medicine offers a variety of treatment options: I combine therapy concepts of conventional medicine with biological medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture and naturopathic treatments.

I take a lot of time to adapt therapies individually for you and help you in the long term to more vitality and zest for life.

Service overview

Find out more about our services here.


Ancient, traditional and at the same time modern and effective

Infusion cures

Do you sometimes feel drained, tired, not healthy, but not sick either?

Snake venom therapy

Enzyme complexes from animal toxins with great effect

Food intolerance

Extended preventive care

We can do a lot for your health.


Healthy body in balance

Ozone therapy

Ozone acts as a radical scavenger and activates the immune system

Autologous blood treatment

Activation of the immune system and promotion of self-healing powers

Beautiful body

Metabolic Balance, Lipolysis, Sweating

Anti-aging medicine

Hair therapy

PRP procedure, Meso-Hair, Regenera activa

Overview of services

In my specialist practice for general medicine I offer the following services and examinations for your health as well as beauty:


Acupuncture is ancient, traditional and at the same time modern and effective. It is a very effective form of therapy for many clinical pictures. Has a great importance in the holistic medicine.

According to TCM, our body is flowed through by the body energy Qi between Yin and Yang on the so-called meridians. If the balance is disturbed, diseases are the result.

Acupuncture is able to change the balance with very thin needles in such a way that the disturbance is eliminated. Thus, the treatment has a pain-relieving, physically and mentally balancing, relaxing, motor-activating effect and stimulates the immune system. Treatment is rarely carried out on the affected organ or body part itself, but rather on the meridian points assigned to these locations.

I use acupuncture in many areas in my practice. The therapy is highly efficient. Side effect free. The results are quickly noticeable and long-lasting.

Even the public health insurance companies are now convinced of the effectiveness of acupuncture and cover the costs of treatment for certain indications and for a few, selected and certified practices – which include our specialist practice.

The field of application is especially chronic back pain, knee pain, migraine, exhaustion, general joint pain and tension headaches.

An individual treatment concept is created for each patient based on the respective complaints.

Infusion cures

Does your health need a kick?

Do you sometimes feel drained, tired, not healthy but not sick either? If you have not recovered properly from an illness you have gone through? Do you want more energy, more mental and physical vitality?

Then you need a specific strengthening of the weakened body functions. We offer different types of cures, individually tailored to your nutritional needs and the underlying disease.

We will be happy to advise you on which type of cure is suitable for your health problem.

To strengthen the immune system and to treat states of exhaustion after severe infections, we recommend our power infusion cures.

This method of revitalization has proven successful for many patients. It is very effective. Practically without side effects.

The vitamin infusions specifically compensate for an existing deficit, the "inner balance" is restored.

In our practice we use infusions also for pain therapy! Especially in the case of pain, the group of B vitamins, also known as nerve vitamins, can have a supporting and soothing effect on the organism. For example, vitamins B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (nicotinamide) and B6 (pyridoxine) are administered.

There are different infusion cures, which are prepared very individually for the respective patient.

With the Bio-Vital-Cure we can help especially migraine patients. In this case, an individual therapy with a combination of buildup-. detoxification agents as well as high-dose vitamin infusions created. This therapy option is also very suitable for burn-out patients in order to regain mental and physical well-being.

Also special build-up infusions are very useful in case of exhaustion, loss of vitality and in periods of weakness. The harmonious combination of high doses of vitamins, trace elements and amino acids will give you back your vitality and health.

Equally important are biological detoxification cures that stimulate the detoxification capacity of the liver. This is absolutely recommended in case of poor performance, elevated liver values and prolonged medication intake. Bioactive substances act directly on liver cells.

Mitochondrial therapy is also particularly recommended. Mitochondria are the power plants of the cells. Therefore very important for energy production in the cell. Here ATP is formed, d.h. the energy supplier for every cell. In order to be able to produce this fuel, the cell needs all the components of the citrate cycle, and it is precisely these that can be offered to the body by infusion. Since functional disorders of the mitochondria are the cause of the most common diseases, this therapy is an essential pillar of all infusion plans.

Snake venom therapy

The use of substances and poisons from the animal kingdom for healing purposes is thousands of years old. From poison to cure it was a long way.

Only the discovery of the complex multiplicity of enzymes in the animal substances today let the old medicine appear in a different light. The snake pure toxins used today are enzyme complexes obtained by a special fermentative process, primarily from snake venom, but also from other animal venoms, and as pure enzyme complexes are freed from the highly proteinaceous venom.

The venoms of snakes and other animals differ mainly in the various complexes of enzymes. These are active substances that intervene in the metabolic process and the functions of cells, so that the disturbed cell resumes its correct function, while intact cells are not affected.

Enzyme complexes from animal toxins have proven to be a therapeutic agent with a very specific direction of action.

All snake venoms contain about 35-50 different types of enzymes, whereby the composition of the enzymes is very different and thus, of course, the respective therapeutic application is also very different.

Indications and areas of use:

– Autoimmune diseases – Rheumatic diseases – Chronic pain in spinal and joint diseases – Migraine, headaches – Inflammations, viral or bacterial – Allergies – Skin diseases – Climacteric complaints

Whether a preparation is toxic or should be considered a remedy depends not only on the active ingredient alone, but on its quantity and preparation.

An overdose, let alone poisoning, is impossible.

Food intolerance

React to the food you consume?

Do you have bloating after eating certain foods?

Or are tired at certain times of the day?

Headaches with no apparent cause can also be caused by food intolerance.

All these are only some symptoms of food intolerances.

This is usually not life-threatening, but can make the person feel very poorly. The symptoms of intolerance can appear with a delay of hours or even days. Therefore, it is often very difficult to find out which foods cause the problems.

It can cause a number of different ailments, such as:

– flatulence and bloating – chronic fatigue syndrome – constipation or diarrhea – depression – gastritis – headache / migraine – inflammatory bowel disease – insomnia / sleep disorders – irritable bowel syndrome – skin itching – weight control problems

People suffering from food intolerance often complain of feeling lethargic or foggy, as well as general malaise. These symptoms often last for years.

Do you possibly suffer from food intolerance? Find out! A very specific information can be given via a blood test. More than 60 foodstuffs are examined. During the discussion of the findings you will then receive a comprehensive evaluation and individual diet suggestions.

Extended precaution

Environmental factors, stress and individual lifestyle leave their mark on our face and body. In order to be successful professionally and personally, some factors are absolutely necessary:

– Health – Physical well-being – Performance

Due to medical advances, it is possible to detect risk factors in time and prevent diseases.

We can do more for your health!

In addition to a thorough health check-up, you can receive a variety of examinations from us, which will be optimally tailored to you personally, depending on your age, needs and life situation.

This usually includes the following:

– Careful history taking – physical examination – comprehensive laboratory tests – ECG – pulmonary function tests – long term blood prere measurements – skin cancer screening – tumor marker examinations – Doppler examinations – computerized regulatory thermographs – food intolerance tests – allergy tests – examination of the household of vitamins and trace elements – vaccination consultation for routine vaccinations and travel vaccinations

At the agreed check-up appointment you will be asked to take a blood sample in the morning on an empty stomach – afterwards we will be happy to serve you a cup of coffee or tea. After the blood sample has been taken, the heart and lung function tests, the thermographic examination, as well as all other agreed tests will take place.

For the first appointment you should allow 1 – 2 hours, for the second appointment approx. 1/2 – 1 hour of your time. The second appointment is to complete the screening and discuss the results. This is welcome to take place in the afternoons or evenings.

After the final consultation you will receive, depending on the extent of the examinations, a very detailed report of the findings and corresponding individual recommendations for your further procedure.


Classical homeopathy sees the healthy body as a system in balance. In the diseased body this balance is disturbed. The task of homeopathic medicinal substances is to support the body in self-healing and regeneration.

Therefore, it is the task of the homeopathic physician to find the appropriate remedy. Homeopathy stimulates as a "stimulus" the immune system-. Regulation therapy" stimulates the body's own defenses. On a natural basis it promotes the organism's abilities to regulate, adapt and regenerate. It is practically free of side effects. Therefore to be considered as a useful complement to conventional medicine.

Homeopathy shows very good results in many acute and chronic diseases. For each patient the remedy corresponding to the state of the disease is selected individually. This requires a detailed initial interview (anamnesis). According to the symptoms of the disease. The life circumstances affected are asked. The conversation is carefully evaluated. Serves for the selection of the remedy.

The costs for this are covered by a few, selected and certified practices – which also include our specialist practice.

Ozone therapy

Our organism is more and more often burdened by influences that damage our health. With increasing age, the risk factors of developing diabetes, elevated blood lipid levels or high blood prere increase. Stress, nicotine and alcohol increase this risk. Medical ozone is a special oxygen variant. Is also called active oxygen because of its high oxidation effect. It has a strong bactericidal, fungicidal and virus-inactivating effect. It also has anti-inflammatory and circulatory properties, which is used in the treatment of pain patients, circulatory disorders and revitalization. Ozone acts as a radical scavenger. Activates the immune system. It also reduces cholesterol and triglycerides, improves liver function and reduces uric acid levels.

Concentration disorders, forgetfulness, general performance weakness, as well as dizziness and tinnitus can be treated very well. Also states of exhaustion. Burnout syndrome can be treated very well with it.

In this method, 60 – 100 ml of the patient's own blood is enriched outside the body with a precisely defined amount of ozone, which reacts 100% with the red and white blood cells and activates their metabolism, or rather, activates them. Cell structure changed. This activated blood is immediately returned to the patient in the form of a sterile drip infusion.

Since ozone is only harmful when inhaled, the oxygen-ozone therapy offers a side-effect-free prevention of diseases.

Own blood treatment

Autologous blood treatment is a method of naturopathy and is almost as old as medicine itself and has become an integral part of it. The patient's own blood is returned to the patient "pure" or "enriched", depending on the indication.

This therapy is a stimulation therapy to increase the self-healing powers. The metabolism and the immune system are "confronted" with themselves. The result is that the natural self-healing powers are stimulated, self-regulation is improved and the immune system is raised.

It is used, for example, for acute and chronic infections, rheumatic diseases, allergies, psoriasis, acne, neurodermatitis and to improve the general condition. For this purpose, a small amount of blood is taken from the patient's vein. Injected again into the upper arm muscle. The injected autologous blood carries information that is presented to the body in an "unexpected" place, where it triggers immune reactions that stimulate the entire defense system.

The increased resistance leads to the healing of the pathological processes. I will gladly give you more information. Individual treatment suggestions.

Metabolic Balance®

Metabolic Balance® is a metabolic program recommended to support weight reduction and to increase vitality. With the help of this program the target weight can be reached – without fasting or starvation. Without the use of special medicines or food supplement powders.

How the Metabolic Balance® program works?

First a special laboratory test is performed. This helps to create a nutritional profile that is suitable for the patient. The laboratory values can be used to determine which nutrients and minerals the body needs and which substances can be metabolized well.

The aim of the program is to help the body to find its natural balance with individually suitable foods. In combination with an appropriate exercise program, weight can be lost in a natural, gentle way.

Experiences of our practice with the Metabolic Balance® program

In our experience, the risk of a so-called yo-yo effect is very low. Participants of this program often say that they have not only been successful in losing weight, but also feel strengthened in their vitality and performance.

If you would like to lose weight in a healthy and gentle way and regulate your metabolism, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you individually.

Dr. med. Livia Katz

Specialist in general medicine Expert in biological medicine

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Miriam Eigher

Practice Manager, Trained Medical Assistant

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Team leader, trained medical assistant, expert for vaccination prophylaxis

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Anti-Aging Expert, Trained Medical Assistant

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Trained medical assistant, expert in prevention (check up)

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Medical assistant in training

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Medical assistant in training

Dr. med. Livia Katz

Dr. med. Livia Katz Specialist for general medicine

Acupuncture Expert in Biological Medicine Naturopathy Homeopathy


– IGHH International Society for Homeopathy and Homotoxicology e.V. – Network Lipolysis – metabolic balance – German Society for Mesotherapy – German Association of General Practitioners – German Central Association of Homeopathic Physicians e.V.

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About us

Philosophy / practice ambience

I want you to feel comfortable in my practice. With sound knowledge, modern practice equipment and a motivated team, I offer you a high level of comfort.

I make your treatment as pleasant as possible by taking a lot of time and responding to your individual needs and demands.


– IGHH International Society for Homeopathy and Homotoxicology e.V. – Network Lipolysis – metabolic balance – German Society for Mesotherapy – German Association of General Practitioners – German Central Association of Homeopathic Physicians e.V.

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vital and specialist practice dr. med. livia katz

vital and specialist practice dr. med. livia katz

vital and specialist practice dr. med. livia katz


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corona tests

With us you can be tested for Corona.

– weekly Corona quick test free of charge

Since the 8. March 2021 every citizen can be tested free of charge 1 time per week by means of Corona Antigen

Have a quick test for Covid-19 infection.

– weekly free rapid tests for teachers and educators

Every teacher and educator can be tested 1 time per week free of charge with a certificate of eligibility using

Corona antigen rapid test to test for Covid-19 infection.

We would also be happy to come to your school or daycare center with our mobile Corona test team and perform the test

perform the tests on site. We come to your company. Test your employees on site.

Corona vaccination

You can print out the necessary documents for the Corona vaccination in our practice via the following link:

– Covid-19 vaccination with mRNA vaccine (BioNTech/Pfizer)

– Covid-19 vaccination with vector vaccine (AstraZeneca)

Covid-19 vaccination is possible only with an appointment. Be sure to arrive on time for your appointment and bring the required paperwork (educational information sheet, medical history and consent forms) completed and signed.

If you do not show up on time or without the necessary documents filled out by you, vaccination will not be possible.


Vital and specialist practice

Dr. med. Livia Katz
Specialist in General Medicine Expert in Biological Medicine Naturopathy – Homeopathy Acupuncture

Opening hours

Please make an appointment if possible. We try to keep waiting times as short as possible, acute emergencies but are of course also treated without an appointment. We ask for your understanding if this should lead to waiting times.

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