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Search Engine Optimization healthcareOur web developers conceptualize, design and program everything you need for a convincing online presence, from simple microsites to complex healthcare web platforms.

We develop with the most common CMS (Content Management System) like Laravel, Statamic, Craft CMS, Kirby, Typo3, WordPress and program on the basis of the current JavaScript frameworks (React, Vue, NodeJS uvm.) HTML5 and CSS standards.

We will consider together with you which structure makes the most sense for you and supports your project optimally. Our focus is on the most important elements. Best practices in web development. We focus on user experience, user interface and prototyping (information and architecture design), development of scalable websites or web applications (web apps), and SEO (search engine optimization).

Our product managers, UI/UX designers and developers advise and accompany you in every phase of your project, from MVP (Minimal Viable Product) to launch and beyond, when it comes to sustainable further development of your project.

Our developers and designers work in an agile way (sprint-based) and offer you optimal and continuous control over each phase during development (production). This is how we enable flexible adaptations. Optimization in project development.

SHARE TO CARE: Coronavirus

Within a very short time, at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, a website with general information about the virus and how people can protect themselves from infection was created. Experts from the University Hospital of Schleswig-Holstein answer questions about fatigue together with Dr. Eckart von Hirschhausen the most important questions about the novel coronavirus.

CO:RE – Children Online: Research and Evidence

Aim is a pan-European knowledge platform of research data on Internet usage behavior of children and adolescents.

Web agency digitale gesundheitskommunikation

German Fatigue Society e.V.

The German Fatigue Society e. V. (DFaG) researches the causes of fatigue, develops modern treatment concepts and tests them for their effectiveness and benefits. Your goal is to empower patients and their relatives as well as to inform treating physicians about the latest therapy options. ..

SHARE TO CARE: Decide together

A research project supported by the Innovation Fund for shared decision making between doctor and patient (engl.: Shared Decision Making). SHARE TO CARE has been implemented at the University Hospital Schleswig Holstein, Campus Kiel since January 2019.

atp publishing house

The atp publishing house distributes books, films and audiobooks dealing with all health-related topics. The goal is "to achieve a mature and active approach to health and disease through personal insights and multifaceted education". CMS ..


There is a high demand for information on complementary medicine in cancer treatment. Whether and how complementary medicine methods can be integrated into oncological therapy is the central question of KOKON, the competence network for complementary medicine in oncology.

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