What is alcohol dialog week alcohol

What is alcohol?Many people in Austria drink alcohol. For most, consumption is a pleasure, for some it is a problem.

Too much alcohol can lead to health problems. On problems at work or in the family. Children and relatives in particular suffer when a family member drinks too much alcohol.

What do you know about alcohol? Beer on wine, let it be? Not bad – but there's a lot more: are there more calories in a bottle of red wine than in a bar of chocolate? If an astronaut is allowed to have an after-work beer? And how much is too much? Find out now and start the fun quiz!

Note: Often more than one answer can be correct.

per mille

The unit "per mille" is used to determine the alcohol concentration in the blood. A blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 1 gram of pure alcohol in 1 liter of blood is called 1 per mille. The body's own breakdown of alcohol begins immediately after ingestion. Influenced by various factors. Therefore, the level of promille varies continuously. About 0.15 per mille is broken down per hour by the enzyme Alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH].

How much per mille do you have on an average night out? assistance Promille calculators you can calculate your personal blood alcohol concentration!

What is alcohol dialog week alcohol

Direct effect of alcohol

Alcohol has – drunk in the same quantity – Different effects on people. Adolescents or people who rarely or little drink alcohol can be severely impaired already at 0.5 per mille. The following information on alcohol effects and promille values for adults are only as clues to be considered.

Body fat and body water play a role in connection with alcohol. Therefore, there are differences in blood alcohol levels between men and women, even if they have drunk the same amount of alcohol.

Health effects

What is alcohol dialog week alcohol

More than sixty diseases Have been shown to be linked to regularly increased alcohol consumption. What matters most to the body is the amount of pure alcohol it is exposed to. No matter if by beer or liquor.

Alcohol during pregnancy and lactation

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy may cause prenatal damage – Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) – cause. The only Disability that would be 100% avoidable. Breastfeeding mothers should not be impaired when breastfeeding and both parents should in principle deal with alcohol responsibly in the sense of their role model effect and in the interest of their children.

Although the alcohol content in breast milk is low, alcohol should still be avoided during the breastfeeding period.

Alcohol dependence

Too much alcohol can dependent make. Alcohol dependence is not solely a question of the amount consumed. It develops slowly. Often unnoticed by many. They drink alcohol as a remedy for stress, worries or boredom. Your thoughts are constantly circling around the next glass. They drink more and more to achieve the same effect. You have difficulty abstaining from alcohol two days a week. That could already first indications for the development of a dependency its.

addiction is a diagnosable chronic disease, who do not have a "habit or the natural dependence on food, clothing, etc. equate to. Addiction can only be considered a disease if the underlying problem behavior becomes a self-dynamic, compulsive behavior.

A diagnosis must be made by a medical doctor.

In Austria, 5% of the adult population aged 15 and over is classified as alcohol dependent (2.5 % of women and 7.5 % of men). That is approximately 370.000 people.

For people who already have a problem with alcohol, as well as their relatives stand Counseling centers available. The professionals are subject to a Confidentiality.

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