What is the electronic patient file.

Health mobileWith the electronic patient record (ePA), insured persons always have their health in view. Doctor's letters, findings, as well as maternity and vaccination records are stored securely in one place. Thanks to the ePA, doctors in particular can quickly obtain a good overview of their health. The insured always retain full sovereignty over their data. Because they alone decide which documents they release to whom for inspection.

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What is the electronic patient file?

What is the electronic patient record

What is the electronic patient file

What is the electronic patient file?

What is the electronic patient file

Expansion stages of the electronic patient file

The Gradual expansion of the ePA offers new functions for patients, physicians, and other medical professionals.

Already today, the first documents such as the emergency data record, the medication plan and doctor's letters can be stored in the ePA by their physicians. Patients can also upload their own documents to share with their doctors easily and securely. With the Launch of ePA 2.0, additional functions and user groups will be will be activated.

Because from 2022, in addition to those with statutory insurance, those with private insurance will also be able to enjoy the benefits of an ePA. They can access their immunization record, dental record, maternity record and child examination record digitally in the ePA.

With the ePA 2.0, only insureds themselves determine who sees which documents. Patients can also authorize a representative to manage their ePA. Nothing is lost, even if the insurer changes. Data can be accessed at any time with the ePA of the new health insurance fund. The ePA is then also available as a stationary version for the PC or laptop. The use of standardized documents for a better search for data in the ePA is supported.

With version 2.0 will be shared with nursing staff, midwives, physiotherapists, the public health service, occupational physicians, and rehabilitation clinics other user groups connected.

From 2023 COMING UP NEXT Expansion stage adds many more functions to the electronic patient record. Patients now use personal ePA to manage hospital discharge letters, care transfer forms, lab values and much more. Data from digital health applications used – so-called apps on prescription – can now also be stored in the ePA. Data may then also be released pseudonymously for research purposes, so that this data can be used in the future for better health care.

Thanks to new functions and user groups, the ePA will continue to play an even more important role in the future.

What is the electronic patient record

Questions and answers

Since the processes for each health insurance company may differ slightly, you can get all the details on how to apply for and set up your ePA directly from your individual health insurance company.

Usually, the first thing you need is access to your health insurance company's online area and an app that you download from their store (Google Play/Apple Store). To register, you need your health insurance number, a PIN to your health card, which you receive from your health insurance company, and a valid e-mail address.

Insureds without a smartphone can also request the ePA in writing from their health insurer. In this case, the record is activated at the next doctor's visit after release by the user.

The provider of the record is responsible for data processing. As a rule, this is your health insurance company. If other companies are involved in the operation, they act on behalf of the provider, who bears the responsibility. Neither the provider nor the operator can read the contents of the record.

The contact person for all questions regarding the data protection of the ePA is the data protection officer of the health insurance company. Contact details can be found at the bottom of your health insurance company's online site. The Society for Telematics is also establishing a coordinating body for the purpose of providing general information as well as information on responsibilities (especially on responsibility under data protection law within the telematics infrastructure).

The ePA is intended to be a lifelong record. Therefore, there are no restrictions on the entire record.

The ePA is intended to be a lifelong record. The documents in the ePA are not automatically deleted.

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