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Buying a puppy is a decision that will affect your whole life. The Dalmatian is a Dog breed from Croatia, which is officially recognized by the FCI. In the following, we will cover various topics, such as the price of a Dalmatian puppy or its attitude and care, in order to Buying a puppy to complete successfully.

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It is a fact that with a cost price of almost 725 € per puppy at least 750 € should be demanded for a healthy Dalmatian puppy. If you want to buy a Dalmatian puppy, the price is just depending on the region and whether without or with an auditory examination for a puppy between 750 and 1350 €.

If the puppies have defects that exclude breeding, but which do not bring any health disadvantages, then a discount of about 250 euros per puppy is quite common for a really serious breeder. Some breeders are even so accommodating and guarantee discounts of up to 50%.

Who therefore decides to get a first-class pedigree dog into the home, should also be able to recognize unserious breeders. Unfortunately, the associations are increasing, which breed dogs for pure greed of profit under quite undignified conditions for the Dalmatian puppies. While Dalmatian puppies suffer, they also bring disrepute to reputable breeders.

Who wants to recognize such a dubious dog breeder, the first indicator should be the price. Dog puppies should never be offered inexpensively at a breeder or even be advertised as a cheap offer. The species-appropriate dog breeding has now once its price. Who offers pedigree dogs to so-called dumping prices, saves thereby in principle at health care, also with the fodder or still completely different aspects like the socialization, which are important for dog puppies.

Another way to recognize such a dubious dog breeder is that they offer several different dog breeds at once. So many genera also require a really broad expertise. Can a breeder really credibly convey that he has the expertise? In addition, the number of breeding bitches should not be too large, the limit is three animals and should not go beyond that.

When buying a puppy, you should always ask for proof that the dog has been properly bred wormed and vaccinated will. If the breeder refuses this information, skepticism is appropriate. The same is true, of course, if the buyer is not allowed to see the mother.


The first images of so-called Dalmatian-like dogs already existed in Egyptian pharaonic tombs. Some even ame that Dalmatian puppies were introduced from India via Egypt and also Greece to western Mediterranean areas and from there to England and France. In England, especially in Victorian times, Dalmatians were carriage dogs, which were very popular at that time. Later these Mascot of the New York Fire Department. In the 19. In the nineteenth century, the fire trucks were still pulled by horses. The dogs ran ahead as living sirens. In the 19th century the fire engines were still pulled by horses. The dogs ran ahead as living sirens.

Several theories shed light on where the name Dalmatian actually comes from. One of the theories is that the name is derived from the Croatian word "Dalmatian" Coastal region of Dalmatia derived. In painting the hunting scenes were often depicted with Dalmatians. The name Dalmatian appears for the first time in Thomas Bewick's "History of Quadrupeds" from 1771.

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of English Dalmatian lovers, this breed has survived to the present day and continues to enjoy great popularity in countless countries.

The Dalmatian belongs to a breed that is in danger of falling into fashion. Due to this often simply too much. Too imprudently bred. For a dog breed such a thing is always disadvantageous. Because often it is in such a way that also a certain profit plays a role, while important characteristics such as the health or a good nature rather on the distance remain. Breeding Dalmatians and later buying Dalmatian puppies therefore also requires a certain foresight and a sense of responsibility.


So if you want to buy a Dalmatian puppy, you should know that these dog puppies belong to the lively characters belongs to. In addition, the is a friendly and balanced dog. If he gets enough exercise, he likes to spend the rest of his time quietly in the house. He belongs to the ideal family dog for sporting families, who likes to spend time in the fresh air.

The distinctive intelligence, combined with a high sensitivity makes him very attentive companion, which at the same time in need of attention and very cuddly. He reacts much better to praise and affectionate confirmation than to overly communicated authority, which only intimidates him.

because of the intensive pack bond Dalmatians were also kept as watchdogs. Today, however, he rarely performs this function. However, from this breeding line he has remained a very pronounced self-confidence, which should be kept within certain limits with a friendly, but also consistent clarification of a hierarchy.


Who wants to buy a Dalmatian puppy, must be aware that he is a lively fellow, who a lot of exercise needed, as well as a lot of love. He reacts sensitively to stress and prere. Nevertheless, it is a dog with a strong character, which can become quite stubborn if its owner does not take the lead. It is important that no authoritarian leadership style is applied and certainly no aversive training methods.

Instead should be treated with clear consequences, instructions and patience to make sure that the Dalmatian follows his master or mistress of his own accord. With clear commands and regular training, the four-legged friend can be given to understand what his owner wants from him and at the same time he is treated affectionately. With this the Dalmatian will follow you voluntarily, because it is a very inquisitive and fast learning breed, which does not know how to deal with punishment.


Dalmatian puppy price training appearance video

Dalmatian puppy makes room in the grass.

If you want to buy a puppy, also pay attention to whether the dog fits both behavior and appearance. A Dalmatian is from his physique rather slim, but still relatively strong pronounced. This slender body is further emphasized by a rather narrow, slender and perfectly straight back. Strong and straight front legs set below the deep chest.

The hind legs have a relatively conspicuous muscling. The shoulder height of a male dog is between 58 and 61 cm, in bitches it ranges from 50 to 58 cm. The color of the coat can be either completely black or just white with liver or black spots. Characteristic for such a Dalmatian are the quite regular sizes and distributions of the speckles. However, the spots on the legs always turn out smaller. According to a breed statement, the eyes of dogs with black patches are dark brown in color. In dogs with liver brown flecks amber. The Height at withers of a males is between 56 and 62 cm and the Weight lies with 27 to 32 kg. The Female dog has a Height at withers from 54 to 60 cm and when fully grown they weigh between 24 and 29 kg.

These dogs also have muscular shoulders, an elegant neck and a not so wide chest. The Hanging ears are rather moderate in size, lie close to the head and are set high. Normally his eyes should be dark brown in dogs with black spots. Dogs with liver brown spots have amber eyes.


Both Dalmatian puppies and adult dogs are humorous, active and adaptable. He needs a very close family connection with a lot of activity and response. Also because of its thin coat it is not suitable for outdoor keeping. Basically he is child-friendly, however, children should not consider the Dalmatian as a toy due to his rather sensitive nature.

The Dalmatian was bred to be able to accompany carriages for several days, therefore he also needs a lot of movement. However, a large garden in no way replaces him the daily walk, which should ideally be several hours. Furthermore, he is playful, eager to learn and agile, making him perfect for the Dog sports suitable. Dalmatians are also enthusiastic about search games, dog dancing and clicker games. Dalmatian can also be trained to be a rescue dog. For him it is ideal to let him run along with the bicycle or horse, or even to take him with you for daily jogging.


Dalmatians also have certain, breed specific health problems. Almost 4 % of Dalmatian puppies are born deaf. In order to test the hearing, a serious breeder will have a so-called audiometric examination carried out before handing over a puppy.

Furthermore Dalmatians can have a disturbed uric acid transport system. So urinary stones can form quite quickly. To prevent this, attention can be paid to a low-purine diet. Purine is contained for example in yeast, fish or offal. If necessary should be a special diet plan be discussed with the responsible veterinarian. This makes sense especially if there are also other allergies, which unfortunately are also common among Dalmatians.

Often Dalmatians also suffer from immunodeficiency. Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids, such as those found in rapeseed oil, can be helpful. Dogs. need a lot of exercise. Are a little more susceptible to disease than other breeds. They need a lot of exercise and are a little more prone to illness than other breeds. Nevertheless, such a Dalmatian can become a friend for life. Dalmatians have a very sensitive nature. You should also pay attention to. If all these points are taken into account, the Dalmatian can be a great companion for you and your family Family provide satisfaction and happiness throughout his dog's life. This Dog Puppies Can become a friend for life, as long as you let them be.

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