Electric motorcycle these e bikes have more power than you expect auto bild

As with internal combustion engines, a power limit of 15 hp also applies to electric 125s. However, some of the e-bikes call for much more power. Read here how this works and which motorcycles count towards it. In the case of classification in the admission-. Driving license classes counts for an electric motorcycle according to regulation no. 85 UN/ECE exclusively the nominal continuous power. The legislator defines this as the maximum power that an engine can deliver for 30 minutes at a time. The possible peak performance does not appear at this point.

And so there are electric 125s that offer more power than you'd expect, that thrill with a briefly retrievable – and legal – extra kick. In some cases, this extra power, which exceeds the 125 limit of 15 hp, is in the range of a few hp. With some bikes, however, the increase in power is enormous, with a peak of 59 hp (!) at. The idea that 16-year-olds ride to school on such a two-wheeler is irritating. Fascinating. Dangerous at the same time? We introduce five vehicles and rank them and their additional powers.

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electric motorcycle these e bikes have more power than you expect auto bild

electric motorcycle these e bikes have more power than you expect auto bild

electric motorcycle these e bikes have more power than you expect auto bild

electric motorcycle these e bikes have more power than you expect auto bild

E-Choppers SR

The E-Choppers SR breaks the conventions. And not only because it is an electric chopper. The clean exterior is just as eye-catching as the mighty 240 rear tire. The motor develops 109 Nm of maximum torque. Tops out at 59 hp . Given the manageable weight of 248 kilograms, that's quite a statement. The Swiss Peter Fassler has developed the SR on his own. Now offers them in a small series for a whopping 63.650 euros to.650 Euro to. The top speed is put at 135 km / h. With a wheelbase of 1.80 meters, experience is probably required to move the SR. And that despite ABS . The high price will prevent most people from buying this vehicle, especially parents of a 16-year-old novice driver.


E-bike? Pedelec? Motorcycle? If you're standing in front of the eRockit, you're probably scratching your head at first. Not because of the whacky looks of the unique device. But because of the concept behind it. Because you have to pedal like a bicycle. Does something for the health. The pedals work like the throttle grip on a motorcycle and give the electric motor impulses.

The drives the rear wheel with up to 21.7 hp for a short time and makes the eRockit suitable for fast roads. The continuous output is "only 5 kW (6.8 hp ). This allows the eRockit to be ridden with the B196 driver's license. The driving pleasure is great, the price high: It goes at 11.850 euros go, the additional power is justifiable.

KTM Freeride E-XC

Motocrossers and enduro enthusiasts' eyes light up when they read the letters K, T and M. The mostly orange machines of the Austrians contain the complete KTM offroad expertise. The perfect mixture of an enduro for plowing through the terrain. A trial machine for complicated climbing is called KTM Freeride.

And they're also electric. With up to 24.5 hp (continuous power: 12 hp ), 111 kilos in weight and a ride time of 90 minutes. Afterwards, the Freeride E-XC can either be recharged in 110 minutes or the battery can be replaced. For those who like to ride through the dirt, the E-XC is the right choice. Price: 11.199 euros. The KTM's additional horsepower is also manageable and thus within bounds.

Zero FXE

Zero from California was the first company to start building electric motorcycles in 2006. The bikes of the Americans will impress technology fans with their details – for example, hollow frame parts to reduce the weight. One of the most affordable ways to ride a Zero at the moment is the Supermoto FXE starting at 13.650 euros.

The FXE rides on 17-inch wheels and charges in 1.8 to 9.7 hours depending on the charger. It is powered by Zero's weakest motor with 33 kW. The smallest battery in the manufacturer's portfolio, 7.2 kWh, provides the necessary energy. An A1 /B196-compliant version with a continuous output of 11 kW is available, but even that comes to 44 hp peak power – too much of a good thing!

Zero DS

Similar picture with the sister Zero DS. It is the model of the Californians with the longest tradition. Like its sister, the DS can be ridden with an A1 or B196 license thanks to its eleven kW of continuous power. It has a peak output of 56 hp, accelerates like a Golf GTI and has more power than a Suzuki Hayabusa! Very tricky! The Zero DS is recommended with its knobby tires. Your long-stroke springs for motorcycle hiking on gravel roads. The batteries have 14.4 kWh as standard, 18 kWh are optionally available. Remarkable: Zero gives a five-year warranty on all batteries, with no mileage limit. Price: from 16.540 Euro.

For all their understandable fascination, the performance of some of the bikes mentioned raises questions. About a few extra horsepower, which are available at short notice, you can probably just rejoice. On the other hand, is it advisable for 16-year-old novice drivers and inexperienced car drivers to be able to sprint as if they were riding a superbike?? Tricky. Morally this is not ideal.

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