Health-conscious lifestyle with sustainable fashion

Many young women want to live more consciously. Strive for a healthy lifestyle. Your health is close to your heart. It starts with the food they eat and extends to the clothes they wear on their bodies every day. Also the healthy body optimization plays a role.

Sustainable styling

Health-conscious lifestyle with sustainable fashion

Of course, fashion is first and foremost about external appearance, but consumers are also becoming increasingly aware of the materials from which the garments are made. This also includes the working conditions under which the fashion is produced.

In the category sweaters ladies women can find at NA-KD trendy tops in organic quality or from recycled materials. The range of different models is huge, so ladies can order the right sweater for every occasion here. The prices are fair. Affordable for every fashion-conscious woman. Shopping with a clear conscience at NA-KD.

Alternative fashion

Many ladies want to stand out from the crowd with their clothes. You combine the sweater with a skirt and mix different materials, such as leather, knitwear or jeans.

An alternative lifestyle also includes special styling that meets the aspect of sustainability. At NA-KD, ladies will find a wide selection of sweaters and other favorite items made from renewable resources in organic quality.

With the Reborn collection, the Swedish fashion brand is setting a special example in terms of sustainability. Here, both the manufacturers and the processing plants must provide certificates that prove sustainable production. The Higg Index plays a major role here, serving as a benchmark for sustainable manufacturing processes and guaranteeing a uniform quality standard.

Through social edits, to promote fair working conditions that keep the health and well-being of employees in mind. Supply chains are also transparent for every client. Free and climate-compensated shipping and returns are a matter of course at NA-KD.

Recycling fashion

What else is more sustainable than buying organic fashion?? The answer is secondhand fashion. Here, garments are given a second life. Are recycled in an environmentally friendly way.

For NA-KD, secondhand fashion is part of the sustainable business model. Under the Circle label, every customer can extend the life of her clothing. On the Circle platform in the online store, private individuals can sell their favorite used pieces from the Na-KD collections or purchase used pieces themselves.

The so-called closed-loop system has many advantages. According to studies, the climate footprint of a garment can be reduced by half if it is worn for twice as long. In addition, the clothing circle creates a community that exemplifies a positive consumption model through values such as sustainability and social action.

The circular economy in fashion can be advanced in a number of ways. This starts with materials, continues through the design process and manufacturing, and extends to recycling to extend the life of the garment. In this way, fashion becomes part of a responsible lifestyle that contributes to the protection of our environment and the well-being of everyone, including future generations.

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