Health vacation in bavaria 4 s hotel with medical wellness

Health vacation in Bavaria

Artemacur Health Center in Klosterhof: Stay and become healthy on vacation with Medical Wellness

"The most important thing is health! " Everyone has already heard this sentence. In fact the most beautiful things in the life subordinate themselves to the health. At the Artemacur Health Center in the Hotel Kloserhof in Bayerisch Gmain, medical wellness with the utmost personal care is the top priority: "We always want to take the healthy route," says Dr. med. Andreas Dyer. As a doctor he dedicates himself with a lot of empathy to getting healthy and staying healthy.

Also the guests of the monastery yard can enjoy here Medical Wellness in Bavaria with many offers and greatest comfort. Because: Enthusiasm life is also to take from the vacation a delightful piece of health with home.

Andreas Farbers Artemacur health center

Your host Dr. med. Andreas Farber studied international health and worked on advisory committees for the WHO and the Union for Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases. In addition, he was involved in development aid, which taught him how to deal with people in an appreciative manner and to look at the "credit side" of life.

Dr. Andreas Farber is a doctor by vocation and has set up a small health center in the historic building of the Klosterhof, which hotel guests can also visit. In the Klosterhof the doctor holds regular health lectures. "Here it goes around chamfering, around the Mindfulness and the benefit. The special thing is: Through mindfulness one often only comes into the enjoyment of life!", says Dr. Farber.

Please note that our Artemacur Health Center is closed on Sundays.

health vacation in bavaria 4 s hotel with medical wellness

Your health in the center

The Artemacur philosophy

Medical Wellness at the Artemacur Health Center focuses on the patient as a person and individual in a holistic way. Together with doctors. Therapists compiled Dr. med. Andreas Farber individual concepts, which include not only diagnoses, but also potential future developments and, above all, the individual life situation. Dr. Farber's concept medicine changes the quality of life through new philosophical aspects. The open perspective opens up new diagnostic procedures and therapeutic options. During this very personal, inner reorientation, the Alpine Hideaway& is the ideal place Spa Klosterhof with the health center housed in the same building thus also your unique Medical Wellness Hotel Germany.

Self-discovery at the Artemacur Health Center

A healthy life needs a strong psyche. This is the only way to overcome low points. "We do not treat a diagnosis, we treat people from a different, often unconventional point of view", explains Dr. Dyer the guiding principle at the Artemacur Health Center and helps people not only to regain their health, but also contributes to their self-discovery. Old patterns are broken, a changed perspective on the human being as a whole and not only his anamnesis enables new diagnostic procedures and therapeutic options.

Health vacation in bavaria 4 s hotel with medical wellness health vacation in bavaria 4 s hotel with medical wellness

Health vacation in the monastery yard

Your Spa Retreat& Hotel with a doctor in Bavaria

The Klosterhof provides medical wellness in Bavaria as well as an inspiring stay in a feel-good atmosphere. Staying healthy and losing weight on vacation without sacrificing anything can be perfectly combined here. Use the combination for wellness, well-being and health in your vacation in the Klosterhof!

Osteoprere – pain therapy according to Liebscher& Bracht

With the method developed by Liebscher& Bracht developed osteoprere points, misprogrammed tensions and pain are erased. Our trained pain therapist Gerlinde treats quite naturally and causally with her hands. About the von Liebscher& Bracht discovered alarm pain receptors are influenced pain points that act as biological information switches to the brain. The stagnant pain condition is released by the osteoprere points, the muscular-fascial balance is restored and the pain is thereby completely eliminated or greatly reduced, usually in a matter of minutes. Specifically, this therapy treats joint pain and osteoarthritis. Very effective stretching exercises complement the therapy.

Please always state your pain zone and complaints before treatment, so that our therapist can prepare for you.

Medical Wellness offers

The services offered at the Artemacur Health Center range from diagnostics and therapy to the integration of health ies into everyday life. Dr. Andreas Farber develops individual programs with a focus on nutrition for your health vacation with style:

– Diagnosis-based and -centered medicine – personal training incl. individual creation of fitness plans – health package: healthy weight loss with Bodymed – health package: liver fasting according to Dr. Worm – medical nutrition concepts u.a.

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