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Hand on heart: Do you move enough in everyday life?? If your answer is "No is, you are not alone. In addition to family, work and leisure time, many of us simply miss out on exercise. And it is essential: for muscles and joints, physical fitness and keeping the body healthy. But as is so often the case in life, luck – or in this case, our fitness. Physical activity – in your own hands. High time to change that. Too stressful, too time-consuming, you think now? With our tips, you can easily incorporate more movement into your daily routine.

Why is exercise so important for our health?

Regular exercise – preferably in the fresh air – has positive effects on our health. As we move, we work our muscles and joints. Even moderate exercise keeps our cartilage supple and strengthens our joints. Our cardiovascular system also benefits from physical activity: even moderate exertion increases our heart rate, pumping more blood through our body per minute and supplying it with oxygen. And don't forget: if you move regularly, you simply feel better in your body.

Healthy and fit through exercise in nature

Power-boost walk in the woods: healthy boost for positive energy

Discover, play, learn: adventurous forest experience for kids

Walking barefoot helps relieve stress

Every step counts

Step by step to more exercise

Every beginning is difficult, especially when physical exertion is involved. But don't panic, you don't have to run to the gym to integrate more movement into your daily routine. We have compiled 4 tips for you that can serve as inspiration for more exercise.

4 Tips for getting more exercise in your daily life:

Here's something for your ears

A walk is too boring for you? How about a little entertainment while you exercise? Your favorite book is certainly also available as an audio book. Or how about a podcast? The choice is huge: from lifestyle and health podcasts to knowledge and news podcasts. Here everyone gets their money's worth. And if you need a change of pace here, too: just put on your favorite music and go for a run.

Coffee date with your favorite person

Two people have more fun together. So is the daily round outside. Grab your favorite person, a cup of coffee and enjoy a walk in the park as a couple. Is there a better recipe for happiness?

Nice side effect: Sunshine automatically recharges your vitamin D stores.

Walk and Talk: Combining business and exercise

You might be asking yourself "Walk and Talk: what's that all about??" The Walk and Talk concept combines business meetings and exercise. This is how the principle works: Meetings that normally take place in the office or in front of the computer are moved out into nature. This can be a walk with a colleague on the spot or on the phone – the main thing is that you keep moving.

Use the power of group dynamics

Doing sports alone is too monotonous for you in the long run? Find a sport that you enjoy. Group workouts, such as Zumba or HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) classes, are particularly well suited for this purpose. The good thing: Sport in a group motivates. Excuses will soon be a thing of the past.

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