Healthy and round the apple

An apple are not only delicious, but also very healthy. It contains around 30 vitamins and minerals that, when consumed daily, boost health and strengthen the immune system.

Apples contain, depending on the variety, between 100 and 180 milligrams of potassium, which can balance the sodium that is often elevated in the body. Thus, high blood prere can be prevented. They can also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease due to the pectin they contain, as pectin is able to lower cholesterol levels. Additionally, pectin normalizes digestion. It helps against both constipation and diarrhea. The healing properties of apples have been known as far back as the time of Ramses I. recognized and appreciated.

The sour taste makes the apple

The more sour an apple is, the healthier it is. It contains much more quercetin (binds free radicals) than a sweet one. Unfortunately, of the world's known twenty to thirty thousand varieties, only twenty-five are still grown in Germany.

Most consumers prefer sweet apples, but due to the way they are grown, they contain few vitamins. Minerals and dietary fiber are also provided by sweet varieties in sufficient quantities, but the immune-strengthening and disease-protecting vitamins are in short supply.

It is therefore difficult to replace an own garden with old apple varieties. Apples offered in supermarkets are healthy, but can't compare to the quality of apples from your own garden. Most of the healthy substances ripen only in the last 2 months that an apple hangs on the tree. However, in order to be sold in supermarkets, they must be harvested early and cannot fully ripen.

Probably the juiciest and easiest vegan apple pie

Old apple varieties are richer in vitamins

Among the healthiest varieties:

– Goldparmane, – Santana, – Alkmene, – Gravensteiner and – Boskop (also called Boskoop).

The Boskop variety has a particularly fine, sour flavor that is excellent for baking.

Healthy and round the apple

Absolutely delicious: baked apple rings

Baked apple rings, pancakes and cakes are preferably baked, for generations, with the variety Boskop. Apples are especially healthy when they are unsprayed.

High quality ones can be found in health food stores, farm stores and on your own tree. Apples, which are often not so visually appealing, usually contain more healthy ingredients than those polished to a high sheen from the supermarket. Particularly popular varieties include: Granny Smith, Jonah Gold, Gala, Braeburn and Golden Delicious.

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