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After the success of Halo Top, more and more companies are placing their healthy ice cream on supermarket shelves. We introduce you to the best.

Typical ice cream is tasty, but it contains lots of sugar and fat. In addition, we can quickly shovel large quantities of ice cream into ourselves, which is due on the one hand to the simple carbohydrates and on the other hand to the enamel. The uncontrolled intake is not ideal for the body. Not at all for diets. It was a matter of time before manufacturers:inside came up with a lightweight alternative. As a low-calorie alternative for the health-conscious stands "
Healthy ice" now in almost every supermarket and is extremely popular.

All about "healthy ice cream":

Why does "healthy" ice cream have so few calories??

Although fat is the greatest carrier of flavor, it also contains the most calories – and this is precisely where manufacturers want to make savings. "Healthy" means low in sugar and fat, but mostly high in protein. Whether this is exactly true, remains to be seen.

Consequently, the sugar content is reduced and replaced by low-calorie sweeteners or sugar alcohols. Additional binders ensure the right consistency. At the same time, the volume is artificially increased. This means additional air is worked into the ice cream. You can already see the additional air content in the nutritional values. If the difference between the number of grams and the number of milliliters is particularly large, a lot of air has been added. The undercut air has an effect on the melting behavior. That is why high protein ice cream melts much faster than normal ice cream.

In addition, some manufacturers add fiber for the feeling of fullness or prebiotics for the growth of intestinal bacteria. The result of these processes is a Ice cream with a rather long list of ingredients, But half the calories of comparable ice cream.

We can recommend these healthy ice cream alternatives

We make for you a few variants, which are protein- or water-based are delicious alternatives to regular ice cream:

1. Pro Delight: The simple alternative

The Pro Delight is not an idea of a giant corporation that would like to expand its product range, but that Result of young founders, Who have been tinkering with a healthy ice cream alternative since 2015. They also print the Nutri-Score on their products, which dusts off either an A or B, which shouldn't have caused any problems given the competition.

Price: 5,99 €
Calories: Around 450 per cup (500ml)
Available:Kaufland, Rewe, Edeka
Varieties: Wild Mango, Shaka-Lade, Banana Bang, Pretty Peanut and Lady Cinnamon

Per:Pro Delight differs from the alternatives mainly by the sweetener. They use xylitol, which is more commonly found in chewing gum and is supposed to protect against tooth decay.
In addition, xylitol has only half as many calories as commercial sugar, Therefore tastes less sweet and is metabolized independently of insulin. So xylitol is diabetic friendly. Another advantage is the high quality whey protein on the second place of the ingredient list.

Contra: Xylitol is among the sugar alcohols that have a laxative effect in higher doses. After one serving, however, you shouldn't notice it yet. Besides that there are other sugars hidden in Pro Delight.
Depending on the variety, more or less "normal" sugar is added, and occasionally also dextrose.

2. Protami: The protein ice cream par excellence

Promayro Food GmbH was also created in 2015. The brand has been. Brought to life by a doctor. In collaboration with a local ice cream maker they developed their first ideas. Protami was first offered in Munich gyms.

Price: 2,99 € in supermarket per cup
calories: Under 210 per cup (180ml)
Available:Kaufland, Edeka, Tegut
Varieties: Chocolate Chip, Banana Chocolate Chip, Peanut Chocolate Chip and Mango Passion Fruit, Vanilla Strawberry

Pro: Protami has not allowed itself to be distracted by the competition when it comes to ingredients. The ice cream is made without added sugar, flavors, colors and gluten. Protami, for example, does without some stabilizers, as well as mono- and diglycerides. The same applies to artificial flavors. Just as special: some varieties contain vanilla extract, a very expensive ingredient.

At first glance, the ingredient selection resembles Pro Delight's ice cream because, first, whey protein is used again and, second, the sweetness comes from xylitol. However the ingredient list altogether shorter and above all more exclusive.

Contra: The ice cream is really very expensive. While the price per cup can keep up with the other varieties, Protami's cups are significantly smaller.

The calorie density of Protami ice cream is higher than that of the competition, but does not invite unrestrained spooning. This is before-. Disadvantage at the same time.

Result: For whom healthy ice is suitable?

Even the healthy ice cream alternatives are not a staple, and the high-protein versions are just as little a substitute for protein shakes. For this, both the nutritional values and the ingredient lists are not good enough. In addition, important nutrients are missing. But in direct comparison with normal ice cream, our recommendations are the healthier choice.

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