Healthy living better the way i want it fibs ggmbh

The project "Healthy living: Better the way I want it!" (2019-2022) is a participatory network work for the health-promoting further development of the residential setting of people with cognitive impairment. The project is funded by the Verband der Ersatzkassen in NRW (vdek e.V. NRW). The project will focus on the health-relevant topics of exercise and nutrition. For this purpose, structural development. Individual support brought together. On the one hand, a network is to be established, which serves to further develop existing structures, but also to strengthen individual people with cognitive impairment. The aim of the project is to develop a process catalog for this purpose. On the other hand, in the sense of empowerment, people with cognitive impairments should have the opportunity to expand their knowledge on the subject of health through targeted measures and, on the basis of this knowledge, to decide for themselves how they want to shape their lives in a health-conscious manner. At supervised group meetings, they determine for themselves which measures are important to them. These measures are recorded in a catalog of measures, which is continuously expanded with new measures by people with cognitive impairment. In addition to the two catalogs of measures and procedures, a handbook for employees from residential facilities is also being prepared. This handbook summarizes the contents of a multiplier training for employees, which focuses, for example, on reflecting on one's own understanding of health or on jointly identifying concrete measures to be taken in everyday life. 🔊 Read text aloud

Healthy living better the way I want it fibs ggmbh

We are honored that Mrs. Middendorf, representative of the state government for people with disabilities and for patients in North Rhine-Westphalia, has taken over the patronage for the project. 🔊 Read text aloud

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"Sport strengthens the feeling of being able to make a difference yourself!" – Guest article by Dr. Volker Anneken in the MOBITIPP Children

🔊 Read out the text In the latest ie of "MOBITIPP Kinder- selbststandig mobil", Dr. Volker Anneken on the importance of sports for children with disabilities.

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