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Last updated: 19. November 2020

Losing weight healthily is a challenge. Diets and tips on how you can lose a lot of weight in a short time, there are many. But what of it is actually healthy?

If your body has built up its depot over a long period of time, dieting may radically reduce it. If you then eat normally again, however, the undesirable yo-yo effect occurs.

Experts understand under the healthy losing weight therefore the durable nourishing change. That is, you should not make radical changes in your diet just for a short time. Instead, it is important to completely change eating habits in order to reduce weight and maintain the desired weight. Healthy slimming is a combination of exercise. A balanced diet. One of the most important basic rules is that you should feed your body fewer calories than it consumes. In this way you slowly reduce. Effectively your body weight. – Exercise doesn't have to be sports. Maybe you're skeptical about exercise or can't fit it into your daily routine. Movement begins however already in the small. Tips, such as the use of the stairs instead of elevator, are an important factor. – Before you can start to lose weight in a healthy way, it is important that you analyze your eating habits and in this way you can determine where exactly the problem lies.

What is healthy weight loss?

Losing weight in a healthy way works especially if you take the time to study your body and understand how it can lead to increased weight. Experts point out that losing weight in a healthy way can only work with more exercise and less as well as balanced food.

Few things are as bad for the body as radically reducing weight in a short period of time. Of course, you can also lose a large number of kilos in a few weeks with the help of special diets.

When your body is in starvation mode, it will go to its reserves. However, you cannot keep up with radical diets in the long run.

If you then start to eat larger quantities of food again, your body will build up new reserves in order to be equipped for the next lean period. This is the effect that is often compared to a yo-yo.

It is advisable to calculate the daily calories you need based on your exercise and your personal requirements. You can easily figure out your calorie needs with a calculator online.

If you want to lose weight healthily, you should stay below your calorie requirement, eat a healthy and varied diet and include enough exercise in your daily routine.

Background: What you should know about healthy weight loss

In order to lose weight in a healthy way, it is especially helpful to have some background knowledge.

The better you know your body, the more effectively you can act and react. Therefore, you will find some background information here that may be of interest to you.

Healthy weight loss with sport – yes or no?

Exercise is one of the secrets to losing weight in a healthy way. It not only gets your metabolism going. Exercise itself is also healthy and helps you stay fit.

However, losing weight healthily with exercise is not for everyone. Maybe you are one of those people who can't find a suitable sport or simply don't enjoy it.

However, exercise is not the same as sport. In fact, it is often enough to incorporate more exercise into your daily routine. So it is possible to lose weight healthily without exercise – if you still focus on exercise.

Often people do not even think about the possibilities they have for more exercise. It's relatively simple:

– If you have a choice, you should always use stairs instead of elevators. – You should also cover distances that you could run or cycle in this way. – Get up even if you are in the office or sitting in front of the TV. Get a glass of water or take a walk around the house. – Take time for a walk – preferably every day.

If you decide to start with sports or to increase them again, you should start slowly. Keep in mind that your body needs time to regain more stamina. Start with small exercises. Training units.

It is also important to find the right sport for you. If you suffer from overweight, the following sports are a good choice for you:

The question of which sport is particularly suitable for losing weight is certainly also of interest to you. Basically, this is actually jogging. If you are not too overweight, you can optimize running with a gentle increase and thus reduce your weight.

More than 500 calories can be burned per hour by jogging. Note, however, that jogging primarily works the muscles in the legs and hips. You should therefore also do something for the muscles in your upper body.

If running is not an interesting sport for you, you can also go swimming. After all, swimming burns a good 430 calories per hour. You can also train your endurance. Numerous muscles are used.

Healthy weight loss with a diet – yes or no?

Not every diet is unsuitable for healthy weight loss. Most diets are basically about changing your diet and this is an important step.

Here there are also quite different ways. Losing weight healthily without dieting means that you adjust your diet yourself, strongly consider the foods and their effect on your body.

Healthy weight loss with a diet, on the other hand, can mean that you have guidelines that you can stick to and that make it easier for you to achieve your dietary changes.

Both have their advantages. The diet is especially important for you if you do not manage to make changes to your diet on your own. Here you can resort to various diets that have proven to be very good:

Volumetrics: With this form of the Diat, it depends on the fact that you eat in large quantities only the food, which has little fat and brings a small energy density along. Healthy fat and also carbohydrates you take only in small quantities to itself. Among the foods that you can eat in larger quantities are, for example, salad and tomato soup, yogurt and berries. The advantage is also that you learn more about the foods in this diet and can gradually change your diet.

Low-Carb: One of the classics among diets is the low carb diet. Actually here often not at all of a Diat, but rather of a form of the nutrition one speaks. The goal is to avoid carbohydrates as much as possible. This does not mean that no more carbohydrates should be consumed at all. It is primarily about unhealthy carbohydrates. This includes pasta, cakes and bread. In this way, your blood sugar should not be subject to constant fluctuations. Instead, it remains constant. Your fat loss is promoted. In this diet, foods such as fruits and vegetables, healthy fats and products with a lot of protein are mainly on the list. You can also eat fish and meat.

Dash Diet: The Dash diet was actually developed for patients who suffer from high blood prere and have been shown to have an increased risk of heart attack. To minimize both, the diet focuses on whole grains, fish and vegetables, fruits and lean meats. Foods with a lot of protein, such as lentils or beans, and foods with unsaturated fatty acids, such as nuts, can also be taken. For this you do without animal fats and alcohol, sugar and if possible also without salt. This diet is considered particularly healthy.

Food Combining Diet: On this diet, you actually have few restrictions on the foods you can eat. However, they must not at any time. Be eaten together with all other foods. The basis is that the developer Dr. Howard Hay, ames that your body digests different foods differently. Carbohydrates undergo a different digestion process than protein. Therefore, the body should get the chance to process everything separately. So separate fat, protein and carbohydrates here. However, you can combine these foods with the neutral foods like vegetables and fruits.

Low-Fat: Similarly as with Low Carb is also with Low Fat in the focus to renounce partially. Fat brings a very high energy density with itself. Thus it has very many calories. In this diet, you should avoid fat as much as possible, and instead eat more protein and carbohydrates. A complete renunciation of fat is not healthy. When dieting, you can still eat fat, but it should only be 30% of your daily calories. In addition, you must make sure that you also stop eating when you are really full, so as not to overfill the body with carbohydrates. Mediterranean diet: The diet of the Mediterranean region is characterized by fruits and vegetables and healthy fats and oils. The healthy fats come mainly from fish, but less from meat. This form of nutrition is considered to be very healthy and balanced and can be interesting for you if you are generally familiar with the diet of southerners. It is important that you eat as many fresh ingredients as possible. So it is not necessarily wrong to start with a diet and with the help of this diet to force a change in the diet.

There are some diets that can help you to get a new feeling for food and thus to achieve a changed diet in the long run.

Are there clubs, offers and help for healthy weight loss?

Support and motivation can help you lose weight in a healthy way. Not everyone is made to change their diet alone.

Therefore, it can be a great help to accept offers or to join forums and clubs and meet like-minded people here.

1. Forums

Especially online, the community is very large, where people exchange and build up when it comes to losing weight. For example, you can find your own large community at Weight Watchers. You can also register in one of the forums:

– lose – forum-adipositas.en – slim

You can be completely anonymous in forums and post your experience reports and your progress here.

2. Clubs

Clubs usually offer you the advantage that there are meetings here in the individual cities in which you can participate. If you would like to meet people in real life, clubs are therefore a good idea. Have offers:

– Weight Watchers – Healthy Weight Loss Club – Make it easy – BodyChange

Keep in mind, however, that participation in clubs usually involves a cost. However, taster programs are often offered that you can access.

3. Offers from the health insurance companies

Health insurance companies have an interest in their members being fit and healthy, and this includes a healthy weight. Therefore, in some cases, they offer programs in which you can participate. The AOK offers the program "Lose weight with pleasure". Provides online guidance for members. – Barmer has set up its own "Fit and active" section, where it provides information on important aspects of physical and mental health. – The TK offers a health coach. Here you can state your health goal – for example, to lose weight -. This is then focused by the coach.

What to do to lose weight healthily: With these steps it can work

With healthy weight loss the way is the goal. It's all about taking charge of your body and achieving a long-term change in your diet. Different points can help you.

Is there a diet plan for healthy weight loss?

In fact, there is not just one, but numerous diet plans from different providers that are tailored to help you lose weight healthily. Which of these plans suits you depends on several factors:

– How much time do you want to invest in your diet?? – How flexible are you with your daily habits? – How much time do you have to prepare food? – What is your goal?

With the answers to these questions you can find a suitable nutrition plan. These are offered, for example, by Eat Smarter.

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