Healthy skin through intestinal reorganization

Healthy skin by intestine reorganizationWhich intestine reorganization makes particularly much sense with skin illnesses and how I should nourish myself, if I suffer from skin problems and allergies? The GAPS diet is very well suited to promote intestinal health and thus more beautiful skin in the long term.

The intestine is not only in the center of our body, but also in the center of our health. Therefore, this important organ deserves not only in chronic inflammatory bowel diseases, Intolerances and allergies our attention. Keeping the intestine healthy promotes general health and thus natural beauty, because the intestinal mucosa is a very important part of the immune system. Our body is an ingenious construction: our self-healing powers are inherent in us. Through a good lifestyle we can promote it! Because the human being is a unity of mind, soul and body, nutrition and mental and physical health are closely intertwined. Allergies, intolerances and Autoimmune diseases are signs that something is wrong in the intestine. Because ties of the skin and brain are closely related to the intestine in terms of developmental history, they show unfavorable conditions of the intestine often also in skin problems or neurological diseases.

Proper nutrition for allergies and skin problems

There are many ways of living and eating – some are completely contradictory and linked to different, conflicting world views! To find the suitable way for itself is not at all so simple.

A few examples: In the an Traditional Chinese Medicine Following the 5-element diet, it is recommended to cook food for a long time to make it easier for the body to process.

Representative of the Raw food diet on the other hand advise the opposite.

Paleo dieters advise to eat meat and other animal products, vegans refuse them. The broad field of nutrition is ideologically contested, which often confuses. Our tip: Try out the different nutritional styles for yourself and you will quickly recognize what is good for you and what is not.

The GAPS diet

GAPS is the abbreviation for "Gut and Psychology/Physiology Syndrome". The connection between intestinal health and mental and physical health was discovered by Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride researched and the GAPS diet developed by her. The GAPS diet is very well suited to promote intestinal health and thus the immune system. How each Change of diet also requires the GAPS diet a certain amount of discipline, but it is possible for all people and with a few tricks easy to realize in everyday life.

The GAPS diet concept

The GAPS diet is a form of nutrition aimed at intestinal rebalancing. Unlike fasting, however, the body is constantly supplied with all the nutrients it needs for life. Intestinal flora and intestinal health are constantly promoted, and thus also the physical and mental health is improved. Foods that are very starchy or rich in sugar are avoided, as well as ready meals and industrially processed food. So the recover irritated intestinal mucosa and the intestinal flora comes back into balance. main food are easily digestible chicken soup and bone broth, vegetables, meat, fish and eggs. Fermented foods (yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut) are also part of the diet. At the beginning the diet is a bit stricter and you can manage with only a few, very well tolerated foods. You never have to go hungry, on the contrary: your body gets everything it needs and you feel energetic and simply good! The menu is gradually expanded.

Before one changes its nutrition, a diagnosis of the specialist is important. A Elimination diet (the omission of foods that are not tolerated) can help with neurodermatitis and other diseases, but one should not leave anything to chance or experiment on oneself, especially if one's health is already limited. Tests by kinesiologists and energeticists in no way replace a medical diagnosis! When everything is cleared from the medical side, you can start right away.

Tip: Omni Biotic 6

For an intact intestinal flora: At the Allergosan Institute we recommend OMNi-BiOTiC PANDA to neurodermatitis sufferers in the first year of life and later on

with its six active guiding germ strains that colonize the whole intestine. To fight inflammation, the first thing to do is to use an effective zinc product such as z.B. "Meta Care Zeolite Zinc", which at the same time also has a detoxifying effect. Likes. Anita Frauwallner, Founder Institute Allergosan More information on

Great recipe for chicken soup

Cook a big pot of soup (10l) with a soup chicken. The soup should simmer for a long time, at least three hours. Do not skim the fat, but eat it with the soup, because it is like a healing balm for the intestinal mucosa. Important: Do not use soup cubes, only salt, pepper, herbs (lovage, parsley) and spices. This amount of soup is enough for one person for a whole week.

Healthy skin through intestinal rehabilitation

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Book tip: GAPS – How intestine and psyche influence each other

The book by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride gives courage and shows which amazing healing successes are possible even in seemingly hopeless cases with a consistent diet. It shows that nutrition plays a crucial role and children as well as adults can achieve relief from their symptoms by using probiotic foods.

Nasch you beautifully!

Who changed its nutrition or wants to change, needs on (sweet) delicacies not to renounce – on the contrary. Cakes, muffins and cookies made from healthy ingredients promote joie de vivre and are good for the body, because true beauty comes from within! Who does not stand gladly in the kitchen, has few time or needs a healthy and tasty alternation in between, can reach for ready high-quality products.

Chocolate lovers can rejoice: Organic raw food chocolates are more expensive, but so nutritious that you need less of them and even do your body some good with it. Raw cacao, that has not been deoiled is a very valuable and high-quality food and is considered "Superfood". Many of the valuable substances are stored in the fat, cocoa butter.

Cakes that are made with Coconut or almond flour prepared, have a low glycemic index and are well suited for people who want to reduce or maintain their weight and do not want to stress their body.

Chronic inflammation of the joints, skin and digestive tract can be counteracted by proper diet. Everyone knows, Sugar is not healthy and should be avoided altogether if possible. During the digestion of sugar, but also other sweeteners, the insulin level is always subject to fluctuations, the pancreas is overloaded over time. Our "civilization diseases" are promoted by sugar consumption.

A healthy alternative to the industrial sugar is Honey. Honey also contains sugar, but it is a fermented, natural product that also contains other substances that are beneficial to health. In naturopathy and in all cultures honey has always been successfully used as a remedy, has u.a. antibacterial and expectorant Effect. Also here applies: not too much!

Nuts and dried fruits are a healthy alternative to chips and sweets. With nuts, it's important to look for the best quality: They should have been harvested organically and raw and, in addition, fermented so that they are easier to digest. People who eat "real" food need less of it overall because the body gets everything it needs. Cravings are a thing of the past and the whole body is strengthened.Our tip: Leave out everything unnecessary and eat with pleasure the things that are good for you: Fresh, home-cooked meals instead of low-quality convenience foods that are usually full of additives, high-quality, organic sweets instead of harmful industrial goods. The appetite changes due to the change of habit and sweet "chemical bombs" lose their appeal completely over time.

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