Healthy slimming but how healthy active

Healthy weight loss – but how?

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Anyone can lose weight – but it should be healthy and permanent, individual and without yoyo effect. For successful weight loss, in addition to sufficient exercise, the following plays a role. Relaxation the correct nutrition a large role.

Eat enough

The priority is to eat your fill – but with the right foods. Only those who give their body what it needs can become slim. This includes carbohydrates, fats and protein. The correct selection and composition is decisive. Complex carbohydrates from vegetables provide important nutrients and fiber. Healthy fat is obtained from fish (salmon) or vegetable oils such as rapeseed, olive or linseed oil.

Abundant protein is found in eggs, lean meat, fish, nuts, cheese and legumes. The "starvation strategy is one of the biggest mistakes when losing weight. If the body receives too little, it switches on its emergency program and goes into "hibernation".

The body hardly burns any fat when radically abstaining from food. Rather, the body first loses water. Decreases then rapidly muscles. But muscles in particular are furnaces of combustion. Must be maintained when losing weight. Because one kilogram of muscle mass burns 15 times more calories than one kilogram of fat tie.

In a television report by WISO (7.1.2013 ARD) diets were studied for their effectiveness. It turned out that many diets are calorie-reduced and the weight reduction is due to the loss of muscle mass. With healthy& actively stands by the relatively large food quantities. The composition of the diet in a weight loss the fat loss in the foreground. Protein is the greatest satiator among all nutrients. Prevents cravings. In addition, it has been shown in studies that protein helps to stay slim permanently after weight loss.


The volume of the food plays a large role with the Sattwerden. The quantity satiates, not the calories. Thus, a lunch and dinner consisting of a large portion of vegetables combined with a high-protein, low-fat food, contains a high satiety value. It also provides many healthy power substances.

Three meals a day are ideal – start with breakfast and do not skip any meal. "Snacking" as well as soft drinks. Avoid sweetened drinks. Water spiced up with lemon or lime or a fresh herbal tea are a delicious alternative and provide the body with important fluids. Every person has an individual metabolism. Requires an individual diet for this. After all, we differ deep into the cell.

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