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Healthy weight loss: This is the maximum number of kilos you should lose per week and yearWhoever wants to lose weight should plan a lot of time – because a sustainable, healthy weight loss does not come overnight.

You want to lose lose weight? Then you should pay attention to how many kilos you lose per week and year

When you are trying to lose weight, it is normal to determine how many kilos less you want to see on the scale and what your main goal will be. When talking about certain training routines or commercial products, phrases like "you will lose 5 kilos in a week" are often heard or "Lose 2 kilos a day", which are not only misleading, but also give an unrealistic idea of how much weight you can actually lose over time and how much experts believe you should lose for it to be at a healthy level. (Read more: sports to lose weight: These are the 5 most effective sports – according to Harvard University)

Lose weight healthily: Avoid these pitfalls

Those who want to lose weight usually want to do it in as short a time as possible, and in fact it is common for those who do not see results in the first few days to feel demotivated and decide to stop their training, which ruins the whole process. On the other hand, some intense exercises that promise quick results can be too hard or too difficult for beginners, so they end up injuring themselves or simply giving up because of the severity of the exercise. For this reason, it is recommended to build up your workouts gradually and not expect great results, at least in the first few months.

In fact, doctors point out that it is dangerous to lose an excessive amount of weight in a certain period of time, as it can have negative effects on the body. But what is reasonable and what would be a reasonable goal to set at the beginning of our process? (Also interesting: six-pack work-out: this is how many minutes you should work out per week, according to experts.)

How much exercise do you do per week?

How many kilos should you lose per week?

The experts at "TheFitness Wiki" point out that "The general guidelines for healthy, sustainable weight loss are to lose 1 pound (0.45 kilograms) per week. This may not sound like much, but it is actually the best for us."This would mean that ideally we should only lose up to 23.5 kilograms within a year. On the other hand, they say, "If you are extremely overweight, you can certainly lose more weight, but rapid weight loss is a recipe for frustration and rapid weight gain (the classic yo-yo effect). Losing weight slowly and steadily increases the likelihood of being able to keep it off in the long run".

For this reason, some experts advise against certain diets that promise to lose a lot of weight in a short time, because they have the same yo-yo effect or can be harmful to health. (

Building muscle and losing weight at the same time? Not a good idea!

But if you also want to build muscle, you'll need to be a little patient, at least if you're a fitness beginner. In fact, experts point out, "Trying to achieve both at the same time is very difficult, and it will take longer to get visible results than if you choose either one. It's better to focus on one goal at a time". That is, if you want to lose weight and build muscle, focus on the weight first and then you can think about how to build muscle, otherwise it may take longer to see results and it will be a much more complicated process. (Also interesting: training endurance: Is jumping rope or running better?)

In order to keep things running smoothly and achieve the results you want, it is recommended that you do the right amount of exercise at an appropriate intensity, make progress in your exercise program over time, eat the right amount of calories and protein (enlisting the help of a professional can be an excellent idea), get enough sleep, avoid stress, and be consistent in all of the above. Of course, you can aim higher, but you should always keep control of your routine and diet. If in doubt, consult an expert before making any sudden changes.

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