Healthy weight loss long term lose weight sheko guide

Healthy weight loss: A question of nutritionDiet pills, zero diet, liposuction – when it comes to losing weight, some people come up with crass ideas. Really sustainably lose weight but only a few (keyword yoyo effect). problem: Radical ways to lose weight usually do not change unhealthy eating and daily habits in the long run.

And you? Do you also get too much with all the radical diets? Bring nevertheless anyway nix and the weight is after the Diat usually just as fast again drauf, as it was down. If you are more for healthy weight loss, we are fully behind you! The weight loss may then be a little slower, but it also remains a permanent guest. Keeping an eye on kilos. Much more we have recorded for you.

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Your basics on losing weight

One can imagine the fat reserves like a savings book. Instead of money, we count on energy that the body takes in through food and, when there is a surplus, converts it into fat to store for a rainy day. If you take in a lot of energy but consume little of it, the reserves will grow. With money this is good, with fat rather not. So you have to turn the math around: If the reserves are to become smaller, one must over a longer period of time always consume a little more than one takes in. The Magic formula, The energy source we have all been looking for for so long does exist:

The calorie deficit

If it concerns the nutrition, calories are gladly regarded as enemy Nr. 1 seen. They are actually nothing more than the natural energy sources for our body. No matter whether organ functions, cell renewal, metabolic processes or body movements – our organism needs energy in everything it does. And it is obtained by the calories in our food.

The body must be supplied with enough energy and all important nutrients, to be able to function properly. To lose weight healthily, the Calorie intake should therefore never be below the basal metabolic rate. As a rule of thumb: With a regular calorie deficit of maximum 400-500 kcal you can lose weight healthy in the long term. If the calorie deficit is regularly higher, the body switches the Fat burning on the back burner and uses the energy reserves in the muscles instead. Means concretely: The Fat remains, but the Muscle mass becomes less. No option therefore.

Healthy weight loss long term lose weight sheko guide

In a healthy way, losing weight only works if you give your body everything it needs. The calorie deficit should be controlled by energy consumption through exercise.

And how fast you can lose weight with it now? Quite simply: 1 kg of human fat tie corresponds to about 7000 kcal. It must thus in the reverse conclusion 7000 kcal are saved to burn 1 kg of fat. Thus, with a daily calorie deficit of 400 kcal, one can half a kilogram of fat per week lose.

The energy requirement

The human body needs about 1300 to 1900 calories to the essential energy supply. The pros among the nutrition experts speak here also of the so-called Basal metabolic rate. It indicates how much energy the body uses in standby mode to maintain basic system functions (z. B. respiration or digestion) needs. Depending on age, weight and gender, the basal metabolic rate is different for each person. And also the personal lifestyle plays a role for the personal energy requirement. Here you can Calorie calculator be helpful. From this you can deduce how many kilocalories you should consume per day – depending on whether you want to lose weight healthily or maintain your weight. Or even gain weight, this also exists.

For example, if you do a lot of sports or work very hard physically and have an overall weight loss active lifestyle, you have a high power metabolism. Your daily energy requirement can then rise to over 2000 calories. If, on the other hand, you are more of a couch potato or work a lot in a home office and have little movement during the day, you will probably have an energy requirement of around 1300 calories.

So, an average-sized and heavy 23-year-old woman who works in an office and prefers taking the elevator to climbing stairs in her daily life needs an average of 1900 kcal to maintain her weight.

Your 37 year old and equally average colleague needs 500 kcal more with the same lifestyle. But by more movement in the everyday life and naturally sport both could increase their achievement conversion clearly. These data are average values. Can also deviate a little. However, counting calories alone is not enough anyway. Much more important is the question, what a particular food can contribute to your diet and which Food for losing weight suitable are: Has it only a lot of energy? Does it provide enough carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals? Does it help you to cover your protein requirements?? Only if the body is supplied with all important nutrients, it stays fit. And this is the only way to lose weight healthily. Stay slim permanently.

Healthy weight loss: This is what healthy weight loss really means

Now there are different ways to trick your energy balance and lose weight. Some send the body into cold turkey withdrawal. Give him for a while little to no more calories. That's not healthy, because if you don't eat anything, your body doesn't get any nutrients in addition to calories. In the long run this can lead to dangerous nutrient deficiency lead. It announces itself usually by physical complaints how:

– Fatigue – Skin, hair and nail weaknesses – Concentration problems – Headaches – Muscle and nerve cramps – Open mouth corners – Feeling of weakness

In addition, radical diets and Co. as a rule also not successful in the long run. As soon as you end the extreme hunger, then occurs, what is for many the bare horror: the dangerous nutrient deficiency Yo-Yo effect. Everything that you have built up so painstakingly in terms of weight loss is back on the scales within a very short time, or even worse, twice as much. Healthy slimming looks different.

Please do not: Crash diets

Again from the beginning: Why you must eat for a healthy Abnehmen durably consciously? Would be nevertheless much simpler, itself once by a Crash diet to torment, to lose a lot of weight in a jiffy and soon to live again 50/50 on pizza and burgers.

They sound so promising, crash diets. A crash suffers thereby however less your weight, but above all your metabolism. No food of the world can in shortest time kiloweise Burn fat. The fact that some of these diets are very quickly noticeable on the scale, is therefore not due to melted fat pads, but to an increased Water loss. In the worst case it is also already the Muscles gone to the collar.

The body is still programmed for regular periods of hunger. He does not know that we live today in the abundance. That's why he takes great care to keep the reserves he has painstakingly built up over the Christmas period. For emergencies. And it seems to come down to just such an emergency – how else could he explain that for days there has been nothing else to eat but raw vegetables and broth?? So rather times the keep the important fat reserves and draw the absolutely necessary energy from the muscles. You never know when there will be something decent again. Ten days of cabbage soup diet may cost you a few kilos in the short term, but at the same time decimate your circle of friends (you can't always blame it on the dog…). In addition, your muscle mass suffers from the nutrient-poor food and you become flabby. No energy in everyday life, no strength to do sports and the yo-yo effect is already sitting in the starting blocks to kill you within just three Cheatdays more weigh than at the beginning of your diet. Stress is also pre-programmed. Thus it becomes nothing with the long-term weight acceptance and your desire weight.

So it doesn't matter what new, super simple method for losing weight you spied on the magazine cover at the checkout the other day, or what your aunt told you the other day about the diet successes of her friend's neighbor: Long-term healthy weight loss works differently. This also explains why more than half of the adult German population is overweight, although at the same time over 80 percent said they had been on a weight loss diet for the last two years.

If you do feel like snacking, we have a lot of great Recipes for you. They taste as sinfully delicious as the original, but can be eaten without a guilty conscience.

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