Healthy weight loss with these foods you will reach your ideal weight verival blog

Losing weight – many people do not feel comfortable in their own skin. Especially around the turn of the year with many New Year's resolutions, many people want to go on a diet. But not all forms of weight loss are healthy! Therefore it is important to choose the right diet for oneself.

However, due to the large number of different acceptance variants, this is often difficult. But what is definitely the best option for us is to pay attention directly with the breakfast to the correct meal – because at breakfast it is easiest to lose weight.

There are many different foods that are healthy for you and help you lose weight. Losing weight in a healthy way should be your first priority. Today, we'll tell you which foods to eat and how to make your perfect healthy breakfast!

Healthy breakfast as a weight loss aid

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, scientists agree. Because who already pays attention to a healthy breakfast, automatically also loses weight.

A balanced breakfast helps you, To control your hunger. Oatmeal, for example, is extremely filling and will easily get you through lunchtime without having to eat a big lunch. Losing weight can be very exhausting in many cases. Is for many people not only physically strength-draining. Also Psyche can be attacked during heavy diets. In general, before any diet you should consult the doctor you trust and consult with her or him.

We don't believe that dieting and losing weight means giving up everything that tastes good: healthy foods help you lose weight naturally.

BMI and weight loss – what does BMI say about you??

About the BMI is also always hotly debated. But what is the BMI actually. What does it really say?

At BMI or body mass index it concerns a characteristic number, which the Weight of a person in relation to his height calculated. Through a simple equation it shows whether someone is considered overweight, underweight or normal weight.

To interpret the calculated BMI Gender and age are often included. Thus, the lower and upper limits of normal weight are often set higher for men than for women, because they generally have slightly more muscle mass.

With one BMI between 18,5 and 25 you are officially considered normal weight. If the value is below, it is called underweight, but if it is above, it is called overweight. People with a BMI over 30 be considered obese classified according to different degrees of severity.

Healthy weight loss with these foods you will reach your ideal weight verival blog

Your BMI is not everything – but can be a good guide

Which foods at a healthy breakfast make it easier for you to reach your ideal weight?

Fortunately, there are no limits to what you can eat for breakfast. As long as you avoid added sugars and eat fresh foods, there is no problem.

Fresh fruit, fresh berries, nuts, chia seeds, oatmeal – all these foods are your healthy weight loss aids. With these foods you automatically watch your health and weight! A win-win situation, which you can already take advantage of at breakfast.

Besides, we have been talking about this for a long time: A warm breakfast is the key to success! This was already known in traditional Chinese medicine. But why is hot breakfast so healthy?

By the intake of heated food, you spare your body! It needs namely less energy – the food is already warm. Your body does not have to heat it up. Saves you valuable energy in the morning, which you can then put to better use. A warm breakfast is also a great help in losing weight! 😉

Oats are a true superfood thanks to the nutrients they contain

Oatmeal as a healthy weight loss aid

Porridge or oatmeal is probably the healthiest breakfast you can make for yourself. In any of its forms it is delicious and extremely nutritious. The basis of porridge is oat flakes. Considered THE regional superfood! But why are oats so healthy?? Oats have a high amount of dietary fiber. Keep you full for an extremely long time. It lowers also the Cholesterol level and prevents cardiovascular diseases. Oats are also good for digestion. Oatmeal keeps your blood sugar level the same and is therefore also good for type 2 diabetes. Who would have thought what is in these miracle flakes so all inside?

With the right foods, losing weight is not difficult at all

oatmeal is also full of minerals and vitamins. It is precisely because they can be prepared in so many different ways that they are so popular. Although it hasn't always been this way, in recent years porridge has worked its way to the top of the breakfast pile. The feeling of satiety that you get from oatmeal, you also lose weight indirectly! How to eat fewer calories. Avoid cravings.

Nuts and seeds make your healthy breakfast perfect

What we know for sure is that nuts perfectly complement your diet and are very healthy. How do they support your diet though? The large amount of fats, proteins and fiber in nuts leads to is full for a long time and doesn't give you cravings. So you don't have to reach for unhealthy snacks in between meals. Nuts reduce the appetite for sweets.

Another reason to choose almonds, cashews and co. speaks is that the body does not really absorb all the calories of the nut. Macadamia and Brazil nuts are particularly important for a low carb diet, as they contain the least amount of carbohydrates.

The consumption of Chia seeds is also said to help with weight loss. Chia seeds have a satiating effect, because they still swell up in the stomach and intestine. Chia seeds can absorb many times their own weight in water. For this reason, they are also often made into a pudding or used as a substitute for animal binders.

Berries as the best topping for your healthy breakfast

Berries are not only the perfect topping for any form of breakfast, they are also very healthy! Vitamin C promotes protection against free radicals. Repair damaged body cells. strengthens the immune system. Facilitates the absorption of iron.

The minerals contained also have a positive effect on the body. They contain calcium, potassium and iron. Calcium is needed by the body to strengthen bones and teeth. Potassium is for the muscles-. Essential for nerve cells. Iron is a component of the red blood pigment hemoglobin. It ensures oxygen transport in the body and prevents anemia.

Fiber rounds out berries' healthy nutrition list. The indigestible parts of the plant boost digestion. They also keep you full for a long time. Counteract cravings.

This makes them great weight loss aids and they also help you, delicious and healthy breakfast! Berries are best on our porridge or in our muesli. But especially on warm porridge berries are our first choice for healthy weight loss.

Writing gives me great pleasure, which is why on this blog I inform you with the most diverse topics related to nutrition and sports. I am also very interested in tennis and I am also a musician and producer on the side.

Healthy weight loss with these foods you reach your ideal weight verival blog

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