How to get children through the winter in good health

How to get children through the winter in good health?

This is a question that parents probably ask themselves every year. Dr. Simon Fluri, chief physician and head of pediatrics at the Spitalzentrum Oberwallis (SZO), will reveal his recipes for a "healthy winter" on Saturday, 16. November 2019 at 5 pm at the health fair in Martinach, stage C. Winter is coming: people are looking forward to Christmas. Great experiences in the snow. But it also has a downside with its cold, wet and short days, accompanied by typical winter illnesses.

Dr. Simon Fluri, Chief Physician and Head of Pediatrics at the Upper Valais Hospital Center

A child catches a cold: This is normal!

"A healthy child catches a cold on average eight times a year", we learn from the pediatrician. " Up to 90 percent of colds are harmless." However, many parents are worried. "You experience various signs such as colds, coughs, sore throats or fevers in your children and rightly ask yourself: is my child just a little cold or 'really' sick?"

Do you have your 'toolbox' for the winter?

Dr. Simon Fluri puts us – but especially the mothers and fathers – on tenterhooks. "Parents should have a 'toolbox' to distinguish harmless, common colds from serious flu after the conference in Martinach. When and do I need to see a doctor at all? How can I alleviate my child's symptoms? Are home remedies like chest compresses useful? Is the inhalation of water vapor still up to date? Are antibiotics or vaccinations useful and necessary?? Can colds be prevented and how? Does my child need additional vitamins during the winter period for better immune defense?? Is it advisable to play outside? Does hand washing help to prevent? What are useful preventive measures for skiing?" These and other questions are answered.

Fever: when to go to the pediatrician?

In the run-up to the conference, Simon Fluri explains the urgency: it depends on age and general condition. "It is important to closely observe the sick child and notice alarm signs such as, he no longer drinks or plays, or the skin color has changed unusually. In general, in case of fever:

– Newborns and small infants up to three months: go immediately to the doctor; – infants until three yearsIf the child's general condition is reasonably good, and the child is still drinking and playing, it is possible to wait one or two days. If the condition does not improve, respectively worsens, one should consult the doctor;

The SZO Pediatrics: prevention and cure

The Department of Pediatrics/Neonatology at SZO cares for sick children from birth to 16 years of age. This includes treatments in the emergency department, inpatient stays in the ward, care for premature babies from 34 weeks of age. week of pregnancy as well as term babies on the neonatal ward and in the postpartum period. In collaboration with the Department of Surgery, numerous bone fractures. Other surgical emergencies competently cared for. Pediatric medicine also involves a great deal of preventive medicine. This includes not only vaccinations, but also simple tips for a healthy everyday life.

More on this topic "How can children get through the winter in good health??" Conference with Dr. Simon Fluri, Head Physician and Head of Department Pediatrics, Clinic Woman-Child SZO, At the health fair in Martinach on Saturday, 16.

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