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How to get high blood prere under controlHigh blood prere causes the vessels to become stiffer and narrower. The consequence: the heart and other important organs such as the brain, kidneys and eyes receive poorer blood supply. There is a risk of heart attack or stroke. Regular blood prere monitoring and a healthy lifestyle can help control high blood prere. Medication is only Plan B.

As "ideal Blood prere values of 120 to 80 mmHg, are considered "normal" Values up to 139 to 89. From 140 to 90 one speaks of high blood prere. Then one should do something against it. – Photo: AdobeStock/Andrey Cherkasov

Weight, blood sugar, blood prere and blood lipids: If one of these four values gets out of hand, it can endanger your health. "Who would like to live for a long time well, should let this quartet therefore regularly with the physician examine , advises therefore the pharmacy magazine senior councellor. This is especially true for blood prere, because: Too high blood prere does not hurt and often remains unnoticed at first. However, it permanently damages the blood vessels, which become stiffer and narrower due to the prere. The heart and other important organs such as the brain, kidneys and eyes receive a poorer blood supply as a result. If the constriction progresses, there is a risk of vascular occlusion and subsequently a heart attack or stroke.

Blood prere: What values are normal?

For blood prere, a value of below 120/80 mmHg is optimal; values of up to 139/89 mmHg are considered normal. "If your blood prere, measured at rest, is regularly 140 and above, you should do something", advises the resident of Munich physician Georges von Degenfeld, in the seniors councellor.

High blood prere and its causes

High blood prere is a central and widespread risk factor for life-threatening diseases such as heart attack or stroke and is predominantly caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. Risk factors include obesity, malnutrition, lack of exercise, stress, and excessive salt, sugar, and alcohol consumption. In addition: smoking. But genetic predisposition is also a possible cause. And: especially age. After the age of 40, blood prere rises naturally because the elasticity of the blood vessels decreases.

To get your high blood prere under control, you don't necessarily have to take medication. As a first step, you can try to lower your blood prere by adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Putting an end to the upper-arm cuff: A new measurement method is currently being developed. Blood prere is then measured via a hearing aid or in-ear headphones. read

This helps against high blood prere:

– Reduce excess weight – Become more physically active – Use relaxation techniques (yoga, meditation, autogenic training) – Cut back on salt in your diet and instead prefer to use herbs and spices such as chili, curry and cumin – Important: Stop smoking .

Only when these things do not result in noticeable success, "there is no way around medication", says the heart expert von Degenfeld. Drug treatment often combines several and different agents. This allows the dose of each agent to be reduced and the therapy to be better tolerated.

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