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Humidifier Hygro PlusIn autumn and winter, the room climate is often very dry, due to the heaters. Especially babies and toddlers suffer from it, because their airways are irritated and it comes to increased colds. Use a humidifier like the Hygro Plus to bring the humidity in your child's room to an optimal level, minimizing the risk of infections.

Based on the findings of experts in the field of baby and toddler health, Babymoov recommends:

– a humidity between 40 and 50% – a room temperature between 18 and 20°C

But not only in winter is the humidifier Hygro Plus useful. The cold water vapor promises a welcome cooling even during the hot summer months. The Hygro Plus humidifier is particularly quiet thanks to ultrasonic technology. Thus ideally suited for the baby's bedroom. It regulates the humidity of the air all by itself after prior adjustment, so that your baby enjoys a healthy indoor climate throughout the night.

Versatile& easy to use

Humidity can be regulated manually via the steam output (5 levels) or automatically. The operation is very easy, thanks to the clear LCD screen. In addition to the humidity, the Hygro Plus also displays the temperature, so that the indoor climate can be monitored holistically. Thanks to the large water tank, the Hygro Plus can be operated for up to 22 hours with one filling. Especially practical for the children's room is the multicolored night light (7 colors) that you can set either in color change or fixed

Customer Reviews

A great device. Not only looks good, but can also what. The best is the atomizer for oils. Automatic control. Sleep Timer!

We would buy the HygroPLUS again at any time. It is worth its money.

Especially in winter with dry heating air, with colds or in the evening to relax with the insert for aroma drops simply GENIAL . Seriously we use it almost daily just because it looks great. Spare parts can be ordered online. Occurred only once so far because a lid fell on the floor. Instructions with it and also online in all sorts of languages.

Suitable for all ages. Have used it for newborns in the room (without added fragrance, of course) and still use it today.

Practical setting options – 5 different strengths -auto. Shuts off at desired humidity – timer in 30min increments -pleasant lighting options selectable (can also be turned off) -rotatable head 360 degrees

Even when dad had a cold, he simply slept under the diffuser for two nights and got better quickly.

Conclusion: BUY BUY BUY. 🙂

Great humidifier. Wanted it for the children's room. Class that displays the humidity of the air. Can be adjusted precisely. The noise level is not disturbing, I think the device is great. Would definitely recommend it for people with children.

Highly recommended!It does not disturb at all when sleeping in the children's room, on the contrary the quiet whirring is rather soothing. Our first Babymoov unfortunately broke after about 2 weeks. The touch display did not work.The exchange went quickly and without problems. Always a pleasure.

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