Humidifier test comparison 05 2022 good to very good

Humidifiers – for a pleasant and healthy indoor climate A pleasant indoor climate is not only important for one's own well-being. It can also have an impact on health. The correct air humidity is crucial. Too dry air leads not only to an unpleasant scratchy throat or chapped lips, also the Risk of infection with viruses is increased. A humidifier can help here, as has already been confirmed in several humidifier tests. What matters when buying a humidifier, how to effectively use the Increase humidity and what to look out for, you will learn from us. We also show you the most popular manufacturers and models of humidifiers and where you can buy them cheaply.

Humidifier test 2022

How does a humidifier work?

Humidifier test comparison 05 2022 good to very good

With the How they work of humidifiers there are different approaches. However, the goal of all is the same: to humidify the dry air in the room to increase indoor humidity.

Humidifiers work according to different principles:

– Evaporator – Vaporizer – Ultrasonic HumidifierRoom Air Purifier

We tell you more about the different variants in the following table.

Type of humidifier Notes
Evaporator In this version of room humidifiers, room humidification takes place passively by evaporating a filter mat soaked in water. An overhumidification of the room air can be excluded, however, the filter mats must be changed regularly. Evaporator Room humidifiers, which work on the evaporator principle, use a heating of the water by the integrated heater, which creates water vapor. It is optimal for the room climate, because the heating simultaneously kills bacteria and germs. For example, they are ideal for the bedroom or children's room. However, you require a steady power connection, which increases the cost of electricity. Ultrasonic humidifiers Ultrasonic humidifiers also produce a mist of water, but require less power. For this, ultrasound cannot kill germs and bacteria, which is why this type of humidifier has a higher cleaning effort. Room air purifiers With a room air purifier, also called an air scrubber, you can not only create the optimal humidity in the home, they also have built-in filter systems that can filter out dust and pollen from the air. They are therefore ideal for allergy sufferers and useful in any baby room, children's room or bedroom.

Humidifiers are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes Designs. In addition to the larger standalone devices, you can also use mini humidifiers or a USB humidifier to increase the humidity and improve the indoor climate.

What should be considered before buying a humidifier?

The air humidity in living rooms or the office is decisively responsible for one's own health. In addition to the design, the following things are therefore particularly important:

– Avoid overhumidification of the air in the room. Humidifiers that can be adjusted continuously are ideal. – Clean the humidifier regularly to avoid the distribution of germs. – Pay attention to the specified maximum water hardness that your humidifier can tolerate.

What humidifiers do?

Dry air in the bedroom or any other part of the home not only affects your well-being, but can also affect your health. Unlike a fan, which only distributes the air, a humidifier ensures the Optimal room air and the ideal room climate. An air purifier with water can also filter dust and pollen from the air, which has another positive effect. This could be confirmed in numerous air purifier tests.

The advantages and disadvantages of humidifiers

The advantages of such devices are:

– Reduction of the risk of infection – Reduction of house dust in the air – Positive effects on your respiratory tract and skin

However, some disadvantages can also arise:

– can lead to overhumidification of the room – some models require constant power supply

So especially if you suffer from the effects of too dry air, you should think about buying a humidifier. These include for example:

– Dry and irritated eyes – Dry throat – Allergy symptoms

NoteThe recommendation for optimal humidity is 35% – 65%.

How to find the best humidifier

To find the ideal humidifier for your needs, you should consult a humidifier comparison or two. Among other things the donation goods test regularly such Humidifier tests through. Models that regularly make the humidifier test winners of such humidifier comparisons include:

– Medisana humidifier – Wick humidifier – Beurer humidifier

Cheap you can buy humidifiers in electronics stores, such as Saturn or Media Markt. Also in many online stores you can regularly find novelties in the field of humidifiers. The prices vary from provider to provider, which is why a Price comparison always makes sense. If you order on the Internet, possible additional costs for shipping should be taken into account. You can get inexpensive models starting at around 20 euros. However, their performance is usually not sufficient to humidify entire rooms. Larger models with good quality already cost a little more. Depending on Room size, which is to be humidified, can also be due 100 – 200 euros.

When choosing your personal humidifier, in addition to looking at test reports and best lists from humidifier comparisons, you should also pay attention to the following things:

– The strength of the humidifier must correspond to the size of the room in which it will be used. – The construction and also the maintenance and cleaning of the humidifier should be as simple as possible. – If you have very hard water, this must be taken into account when selecting the humidifier.

Some devices allow the humidifier to be used simultaneously as a Fragrance dispenser to use. In general, you can do this, of course, by adding aroma additives to the filled water.

Where to place the humidifier

In addition to the purchase advice, the place of installation is of course also crucial so that the humidifier can achieve its full effectiveness can unfold. The following recommendation applies here:

– Place the humidifier as centrally as possible in the room – keep a minimum distance of 30-50 cm to walls and furniture – easily accessible to refill the water regularly – place it out of reach of children and pets

Conclusion on humidifiers

Humidifiers provide a pleasant and healthy indoor climate. Especially in winter, when the air becomes dry due to constant heating, they offer a good opportunity to create the optimal humidity in the living rooms. For this reason it should not be missing in any household.

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