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Humidifiers – fresh air for your healthHumidifiers help you to keep the
optimal humidity of your ambient air and a ideal room climate to ensure. The relative humidity Should for the general well-being always between 40 and 60 percent lie. If it drops below 30 percent, you should use a diffuser to combat the dry air, which can cause irritation of the eyes and mucous membranes and promote colds.

Humidifiers help you to ensure the optimal humidity of your ambient air and an ideal indoor climate. The relative humidity of the air should be kept at a constant level for the general. learn more "

Humidifiers help you to maintain the optimal humidity of your ambient air and a ideal room climate to ensure. The relative humidity should be for the general well-being always between 40 and 60 percent lie. If it falls below 30 percent, you should use a diffuser to combat the dry air, which can cause irritation of the eyes and mucous membranes and promote colds.

At Medicalcorner 24 you get Ultrasonic nebulizer, aroma diffuser as well as devices with water evaporation. Buy a humidifier now. Stay healthy thanks to fresh air! Read more now..

Humidifiers buy online at medicalcorner24

The water-soluble Beurer organic aroma oils are suitable for use in the humidifier and invite you to relax, refresh and relax or offer a restful sleep.

Shipping weight 0.53 kg

Humidifier buy online at medicalcorner24

The LA 30 humidifier from Beurer, with microfine ultrasonic atomization and LED color light change, is suitable for 100 ml of water-soluble aromatic oils.

Shipping weight 0.75 kg

Humidifiers buy online at medicalcorner24

The humidifier set from Beurer includes the LA30 Aroma Diffuser and 3 matching Armoma oils Relax, Vitality and Harmony.

Buy humidifiers online at medicalcorner24

The Beurer LB 44 humidifier, with microfine atomization by ultrasound and 2.8 L water tank, is infinitely adjustable and suitable for rooms up to 25 square meters.

Humidifiers buy online at medicalcorner24

Beurer LB 88 humidifier with dual technology, is an ultrasonic nebulizer with water evaporation and is suitable for rooms up to 48 sqm.

Shipping weight 2 kg

The ideal humidity through humidifiers

With the help of a humidifier regulate the humidity of your indoor air very easy. On average, for a healthy person, one minimum humidity of 40 in living rooms. Asthmatics and allergy sufferers, on the other hand, require a room humidity of approx. 60 percent.

The danger of dry air

Especially in winter, many people suffer from dry indoor air, because heating decreases the relative air humidity.

What happens when the air is dry?

– eyes become irritated – mucous membranes become irritated – irritable cough is triggered – allergies are triggered or intensified – skin problems develop – headaches develop – immune defense decreases

The drier the air, the more particles fly around and are inhaled by us. Because water molecules bind these particles normally, but cold air can absorb fewer water molecules than warm. This cold air flows into the rooms in winter and is heated up. The now warm air can now absorb more moisture, but currently still has the same number of water molecules, because the air itself can not produce them.

So few water molecules can bind only few particles, therefore in this dry air countless dust particles and other harmful air particles are buzzing around. We breathe in more microorganisms, viruses and bacteria.

Use a humidifier now so that the required moisture is produced and released into the air. Thereby reduce the activity of viruses and guarantee yourself the best possible basis for a healthy immune system.

Different humidifiers in comparison


With an evaporator Water is distributed on a large surface and it evaporates natural. Thus, the evaporator uses the gentlest form of humidification. The water is simply released into the ambient air.

The great advantage of this method is that no aerosols (a mixture of airborne particles and air) are formed and inhaled. In addition, also does not release too much moisture into the rooms, because the air absorbs only as much water as it needs. With an automatic diffuser could deliver more moisture. then be absorbed by furniture or walls, for example.


With a vaporizer water heated. It is brought to a boil. Released into the air as water vapor. These humidifiers can be very effective and Quickly supply even larger rooms with moisture. Unfortunately, the electric vaporizers A lot of electricity and their operation must be monitored, otherwise they provide rooms with too much moisture.

In the meantime there are also Steam humidifier with built-in hygrometer, which measures the humidity of the room and determines when the room humidifier is used and when not.


The nebulizers or atomizers are the most efficient humidifiers. Ultrasound is used for atomization, which is forms fine water droplets through vibrations. These are used for example Released into the air by a fan and perceived as mist by humans. But this mist is also the disadvantage of ultrasonic diffusers, as it can be an optimal transport path for germs, if not taken care of optimal cleaning.

– Never give too much humidity – No aerosols – Do not require energy

– Work quickly – Also suitable for large rooms

– Consume little energy – Cost-effective – Work very quietly

– Less powerful – primarily designed for smaller rooms

– Higher energy consumption – Can be used in small rooms to a limited extent (overhumidification)

– cleaning intensive – germs can be released into the air – accumulation of condensation on furniture/walls can occur

Air purifiers and air washers as an alternative for healthy air

An air purifier and an air washer clean the air from particles, bacteria, pollen and dust. The Air purifier cleans through different filters and the air washers via a system with water. Both devices can also act as humidifiers. Many air purifiers have an additional humidification function for this purpose. The air washer automatically humidifies the air during operation, but it is much weaker and less effective than a real room humidifier. Air purifiers are efficient devices for air purification, but bring high costs when purchased.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about humidifiers

Which humidifier is the right one for which room?

Which humidifier you need depends on various factors and also on your ideas:

– In the Bedroom you should use one Ultrasonic nebulizer choose. These models are particularly quiet. Can thereby remain in operation even while you sleep. Many devices now have different automatic control options. Your quiet night mode allows regular humidification of the air and Protection against overhumidification. Cold evaporators are the ideal solution for your bedroom. – In Children's room you should make sure that you No evaporator use. These humidifiers heat the water to boil and also your enclosures get hot. Both pose a danger to your little ones. Place the devices only out of reach of your children. – In Living room offers a Aroma diffuser as humidifiers. There are for the aroma diffuser essential oils, as fragrance dispensers distribute pleasant odors in the room. When using eucalyptus, lavender or peppermint, you not only achieve a pleasant ambience, but also do something for your health. These essential oils can be Act against headaches or help with colds. – In the Office technical devices usually dry out the air additionally. Set here on a Humidifier with suitable humidification capacity, so that you return enough moisture to the air in the room. Power describes how quickly the air diffuser can humidify a square meter area.

Tip: Pay close attention to the humidification output! If the power is too high, too much moisture is released into the room. This then settles as condensation on furniture or condenses on walls.

– In
Kitchen or Bathroom does not offer a humidifier. The relative humidity in both rooms is usually higher than in other rooms, because there is already enough moisture in the air due to cooking or showering.

Tip: Leave the door of the bathroom open after or during showering, so you temporarily have an additional release of moisture into the indoor air of your apartment/house!

Where to place a humidifier?

Ideally, place the humidifier centrally in the room. However, this placement is not feasible in most cases, as the unit will be in the way there and look out of place.

In order to nevertheless even distribution and humidification, you should place the room humidifier near a draft. A good air circulation there are for example near a heater. Placement here is also unproblematic during the heating season. Alternatively, a place at a window or a balcony door is also possible.

Always make sure your humidifier evenly humidifies your room .

Smaller models are best placed on a stool, window ledge or table to bring the humidity as high as possible into the room, to where you breathe it in.

Make sure you have a Keep a safe distance from your humidifiers to your furniture and walls, otherwise water will collect on them and this will promote the formation of mold.

As mentioned earlier, place devices that use water vapor out of the reach of children or animals to avoid the risk of injury.

How to clean the humidifier?

To prevent your humidifiers from becoming bacteria havens, you should keep them clean them hygienically on a regular basis. Limescale is the biggest problem here, because the water can then only work at lower temperatures. In this evaporated water, the bacteria are not properly killed and distributed in the room by the evaporator. release moisture into the air in the room. The evaporated water settles on your furniture.

Tip: Clean your humidifiers regularly with vinegar, to decalcify them. Mix water with vinegar and let the mixture evaporate to the humidifier to disinfect efficiently! Use distilled water to prevent calcification altogether.

Clean the humidifier thoroughly every two weeks. For frequent use in winter or when you have a cold, clean the unit every 3-4 days. Our selection of humidifiers is constantly expanding. In our store you can also buy matching essential oil. We offer humidifier models with dual technology, which are simultaneously ultrasonic humidifier and water vaporizer. Our modern devices have a automatic switch-off when the water tank is empty, to avoid overheating and to create a Removable tank for easy filling and cleaning. We also offer humidifiers with LED color light change, to create a nice room ambience. If you suffer from asthma or other respiratory problems, we also recommend our additional Inhalers. You can buy a humidifier today at Medicalcorner24. Convince yourself of the high quality of our models!

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