Hws syndrome and pain in the neck can be easily remedied

Cervical spine syndrome with pain in the neck muscles and restricted head movementThis
Cervical spine syndrome is a common condition in people with occupations that require them to sit for long periods of time. Typical signs are tingling and "formication" in hands and arms as well as head and neck pain. These are symptoms that the nerves and blood vessels have been affected. Because at the small joints of the cervical spine – just like at all other joints – signs of wear and tear appear with increasing age. Vertebral bodies press on the nerve roots. Obstruct the blood supply. The job of the atlas is to support the weight of the head. However, if this vertebra is not in its natural position, the weight of the head is not distributed vertically to the atlas and all the vertebrae that follow it. In the case of an oblique position, for example, the surrounding muscles have to compensate for this imbalance. The permanent, one-sided tension of the musculature can cause a Cervical spine syndrome cause. Also vertebral blockages belong to the Cervical spine syndrome. This often manifests itself in shoulder and neck pain and can also be caused by a displaced vertebral misalignment. Cervical Spine Syndrome can be classified according to different criteria. Thus one differentiates Cervical spine syndromes according to the course (acute, chronic), according to the pain radiation, according to the localization (upper, middle, lower) or according to the cause (funkionell, degenerative, posttraumatic).

Possible causes of cervical spine syndrome

Degenerative changes:

These include, for example, signs of wear and tear of the vertebral body joints (spondylosis; facet syndrome), the formation of small bony protrusions (osteophytes) at the vertebral margins, functional disorders of the ligaments or – rarely – herniated discs. Osteochondrosis, a degenerative bone-cartilage change that occurs in the spine mainly as a result of permanent incorrect loading. permanent load can also lead to blocking of vertebral joints (segmental dysfunction). With the right treatment method and a correct alignment of the atlas vertebra and respecting the positions naturally intended for it, relaxation of the surrounding muscles can be achieved. The Cervical Spine Syndrome is treatable with the help of this type of atlas joint correction. Important note: This article contains only general information. Should not be used for self-diagnosis or treatment. It cannot replace a visit to the doctor.

Hws syndrome and pain in the neck can be easily remedied

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Quick help for cervical spine syndrome through atlas correction

The Cervical spine syndrome, briefly Cervical Spine Syndrome, is increasingly becoming a widespread disease. The term Cervical spine syndrome describes Recurring or constant pain in the neck area, which originate from the cervical spine. The atlasreflexTh. Atlas correction now promises quick help.

The causes can be manifold. Increasingly common sedentary activities, at the computer for example, can certainly be considered a major cause. Generally, the increasingly sedentary lifestyle can be a Cervical spine syndrome cause or intensify.

The clinical picture in Cervical spine syndrome ranges from neck pain, constant muscle tension in the neck area and limited freedom of movement of the head to severe headaches and migraine attacks. Affected people suffer greatly from these symptoms. Not infrequently, strong painkillers are taken, which of course does not eliminate the cause and leads to further stress on the body. The atlas malposition Now more and more often the Atlas malposition as a concrete trigger for the Cervical spine syndrome made out. The atlas vertebra (C1) is the first vertebra of the spine. It carries the head. Keeps it stable. Its name was given to the Atlas vertebra from Greek mythology, from the Titan Atlas. This one had to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders. The Atlas vertebra has a similarly responsible task.

Sits this Atlas vertebrae not correctly in its intended position, this can have significant effects on the body. The posture changes, one-sided strain of muscles and skeleton are the result.

Also arteries can be squeezed by the crooked atlas. The resulting circulatory disorders are often the trigger for migraines and headaches. This atlas malposition can therefore be the cause of a variety of diseases, among them the Cervical Spine Syndrome. The atlas correction by the atlasreflexTh. Method:
To correct the atlas malposition is not necessary a permanent treatment or even a surgical intervention. Atlasreflex has an effective. Completely painless method for atlas correction developed. With ThemPer® technology, the atlas therapist can return the atlas to its natural position in a single treatment. The treatment is painless, safe and gentle for the organism. Shortly after the atlas therapy treatment the body starts to regenerate. The symptoms and pain subside or usually disappear altogether.

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