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Cervical spine syndrome – finally getting rid of neck painThe cervical spine syndrome – in short: cervical spine syndrome – is widespread nowadays. Even though many are unaware of the diagnosis, they suffer from severe neck pain on a daily basis. Where these come from and when they go again is usually unclear, however. Cervical spine syndrome is the term used to describe all of the problems that occur in the cervical spine-. neck area occurring discomfort. Numbness in the arms down to the fingertips can also be caused by nerve irritation in cervical spine syndrome. If permanent headaches are added to this, the quality of life decreases immensely.

When orthodox medicine does not help, many Germans are desperate for a solution. Because the HWS syndrome does not go again so fast as it came. And above all it does not go by itself.

Do you also suffer from persistent neck pain? If the pain even extends to the arms and neck? Or worry about someone who may suffer from cervical spine syndrome?

Let's take a look at the clinical picture and find out where the causes lie and how they could be eliminated.

Which causes can have the HWS syndrome?

The main cause of the cervical spine syndrome is a degenerative change in the cervical spine area. Especially in old age, wear and tear can lead to changes in the small joints of the vertebral bodies, which can then lead to dysfunctions in the ligamentous apparatus and herniated discs.

One of the most common causes in 2018 is stress. During a stressful office job, for example, the constant sitting position often leads to tension and poor posture of the spine.

If you are an office worker and do not do any sports, this will lead to weak muscles in the long run.

In some cases, the cause is also to be sought in a disease. Thus rheumatism or an infection would be quite possible. Should definitely be tested at the family doctor.

Also a whiplash injury can be the cause of the discomfort in the neck. A rear-end collision is already enough to cause the cervical spine syndrome.

How should the cervical spine syndrome be treated?

There are various ways to treat the cervical spine syndrome. I will be happy to show you your options, but ultimately you should decide for yourself which treatment is right for you.

Most people turn first to their family doctor. Orthodox medicine often treats cervical spine syndrome with a combination of drugs and physiotherapy.

Depending on the cause, pain-relieving drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs or muscle relaxants are used. These can be administered in various forms, for example, also as an injection.

If it comes to physiotherapy, affected persons are mostly treated with massage, physiotherapy or/and heat therapy. Physiotherapy is often recommended when the cause of your cervical spine syndrome is stress, tension or poor posture.

However, if your pain was caused by an accident, it may even be necessary to temporarily immobilize the neck area with a neck tie.

The number of people who nowadays consciously decide against orthodox medicine and prefer an alternative healing is getting bigger and bigger. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that in some cases medical treatment is not effective or only alleviates the symptoms instead of completely curing them. On the other hand, voices regarding drug resistance are becoming louder and louder, so many sufferers prefer a different treatment.

Alternative treatment

Osteopathic and naturopathic techniques can be the solution. Through targeted massages, physiotherapy and heat can be naturally alleviate discomfort and with a permanent application, the body can thereby even heal itself.

As an alternative practitioner, I already have many years of experience with the cervical spine syndrome and offer, in addition to osteopathy, the Neurostructural Integration Technique and the Liebscher& Bracht pain therapy for the treatment of. In my practice I experience daily that these alternative therapies can also support and contribute to the healing in addition to the conventional medical treatment.

Now that I have introduced you to the three types of therapy – medication, physical therapy and naturopathy – it is up to you to find the right approach for you.

I am convinced of a naturopathic treatment and would also like to help you to counteract the cervical spine syndrome. Together we will alleviate your discomfort. Increase your quality of life. Please feel free to contact me!

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