Hygiene consulting healthcare hygiene management solutions

Hygiene advice in medical facilitiesAlso Impulses from outside can prevent infections.

Companies that operate in medical facilities and offer their products or perform services often encounter hygiene-critical conditions and ies.

A certain know-how about hygienic contexts can facilitate the access to responsible contact persons and enable to discuss on eye level with the decision makers. Basic and specialized knowledge of hygiene also helps people to find their way around the relevant work processes and, if necessary, to act as a point of contact for hygiene-related ies.

hygiene consulting healthcare hygiene management solutions

Making targeted use of know-how

External companies face a professional hygiene front in medical facilities. Approaches are often scrutinized from a hygienic point of view or doubted from a legal point of view.

But too seldom exactly this circumstance is used to one's own advantage. Finally, all external companies are monitored in this way and this provides an opportunity to stand out from the competition with hygienic expertise.

We support you exactly in this and show you how to deal offensively with possible infection dangers, as these have already been thought through and safeguarded (this concerns z.B. the operating instructions or. reprocessing instructions for medical devices according to DIN EN ISO 17664).

hygiene consulting healthcare hygiene management solutions

Cleaning and surface disinfection

Many building cleaners cannot understand or even question the technical basis for important disinfection measures or product specifications.

In this context, maintenance cleaning can have an important influence on the prevention of pathogen transmission. It is particularly complex in high-risk areas, where the correct timing and frequency of surface disinfection and the selection of suitable preparations are crucial.


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