Hygiene health humidification

Hygiene& HealthThe human body evaporates per day ca. 0.5 liters of fluid through respiration alone. This water vapor ensures that the respiratory tract is always kept moist. This is important because otherwise the thin layer of mucus on the surface of the respiratory tract (cilia) would dry out. If this natural mucus barrier loses its protection, numerous microscopic pathogens such as fungi, viruses, bacteria, droplets and particles can enter the lung tie, triggering illnesses such as coughs, colds and flu.

If the ambient air has sufficient humidity, the protective layer does not dry out because the respiratory tract does not have to compensate for the lack of humidity by evaporation and moisture release. The mucus layer has the optimal composition. Can filter out foreign substances.

Skin irritation, burning eyes, concentration problems and coughing are always the first indication of too dry air. Attention should always be paid to this, as the human organism cannot directly perceive too little humidity, just like cold and heat, for example.

hygiene health humidification

hygiene health humidification

Hygiene and health

In the past, the air in the room was humidified with humidification systems that require a high level of attention. Weekly cleaning and water changes were mandatory in order to maintain the necessary hygiene. Neglecting maintenance and cleaning led to an explosive growth of germs and algae, which also caused health problems.

The basic problem was the air washers used in the supply air system, which were actually only designed to clean the exhaust air. The reuse of humidifying water led to the breeding of bacteria and algae. Biocides were then used to try to kill the bacteria, which unfortunately only worked to a limited extent. What the inhalation of hydrogen peroxide or other oxidative chemicals entails can only be guessed at.

With the launch of our high-prere humidifiers, this problem no longer arises. In terms of hygiene, the biggest leap forward in development has been made.

– No standing water coming into contact with the air – No germination by circulating water, air washers – Bacteria are almost eliminated, 80 bar atomization prere – No biocide (disinfectant) needed anymore – Osmosis water production only as needed – UV disinfection of the humidifying water

With our high prere humidification system HYFOG, one has already chosen the optimum in hygiene.

We always make sure to achieve the optimum in hygiene: Standing water in an open container or tank, dead zones in screw connections or pipelines, anything that could form stagnant water and breeding grounds must be avoided at all costs.

hygiene health humidification

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Hygiene health humidification

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