Ichthyosis fish scale disease treatment eucerin

Ichthyosis (fish scale disease) causes, symptoms and treatment
Ichthyosis is a non-contagious keratinization disorder of the skin. Characteristic are Pattern of white to gray-greenish skin scales, which remotely resemble fish scales. That is why this hereditary disease is colloquially called fish scale disease ("ichthýs" is the ancient Greek name for fish).

Ichthyoses include at least 20 different types, some of which are very rare. In this article we discuss the mildest, but most widespread form, the Ichthyosis vulgaris. It is believed that ca. 1 in 250 people suffer from it.

How the skin disease ichthyosis manifests itself?

Ichthyosis vulgaris usually appears for the first time by the second year of life and becomes more severe by puberty. In the summer months it usually improves. In many cases there is a slight improvement with age. In addition to the extremities, the scalp is also affected in some cases. In addition, it is also often increased hand line drawing observed (ichthyosis hand). A large proportion of those affected show parallel symptoms of neurodermatitis. Up to 75 % suffer from keratosis pilaris at the same time.

Characteristic of ichthyosis are the thickened, dry skin scales.

Causes and symptoms of fish scale disease

Ichthyosis is caused by genetic defects and is a hereditary disease that affects both sexes equally. In the disease, the renewal function of the skin gets out of balance. It either produces new cells too quickly or is unable to shed dead cells fast enough. The result is the same in both cases: A cell congestion develops in the horny layer, since the dead cells do not detach quickly enough. The skin becomes increasingly thickened.

The significantly thickened horny layer cannot bind water sufficiently. It dries out, shrinks and breaks up. The cracks deepen. Widen. Eventually, this creates the typical scaling pattern. At some point, even ichthyosis skin will flake off – but only after it has built up considerably. In healthy skin, the horny cells fall off one by one and are invisible to us. In ichthyosis, they detach in a clustered or clumped form as clearly visible scales.

Tips for ichthyosis treatment

Unfortunately, this skin disease is not curable. Nevertheless, the symptoms can be alleviated with intensive care. The following measures have generally proven to be helpful:

As the skin is too dry
Baths with common salt and other additives are recommended. With soft sponges can be carefully descale the skin – this avoids further cracks and painful inflammation.

If the symptoms are pronounced, it is recommended to get into the bath twice a day. Also Steam baths soften the cornification – A humid climate generally has a positive effect on the skin of those affected.

Conscientious skin care:
In addition to other therapeutic approaches
Treatment with skin creams and skin lotions in focus. With the right products, very good results can be achieved.

Skin ointments play an important role in the treatment of fish scale disease. The skin should – depending on the severity – Rubbed several times a day with a moisturizing ointment or cream become. Counteracts dehydration of the skin.

Some dermatologists prescribe, especially during the colder seasons when the sun is low
Therapies with UV light, to improve the situation.

It is advisable to pay attention to the right clothing. substances. wool u. U. can lead to unpleasant skin irritations.

It is also possible to treat ichthyosis with tablets, which can reduce the Active ingredient acitretin contain. Steam baths can soften the skin. Facilitate the desquamation.

Sun or. UV light can improve the appearance of the skin.

The symptoms of ichthyosis can also be treated with medication. Especially in the treatment of babies. Young children should always consult a specialist.

Suitable care for fish scale disease

The best results in ichthyosis are achieved with creams and lotions that contain urea and are free of fragrances or dyes. These products support the desquamation of the skin so that moisture can be better absorbed.

This includes z. B. the UreaRepair PLUS Lotion 10%. This is a skin lotion, which is used for the Care for extremely dry skin was developed and is gently massaged into the skin. You contains urea, has a calming effect on the skin and promotes the removal of dead skin cells. The lotion is often used as an adjunct to therapy for ichthyosis. Ensures a healthy moisture content of the skin. Extensive dermatological studies on dry skin prove the very good efficacy.

For further support, ointments with salicylic acid or fruit acid can be used. These scrubs also help to open skin pores and loosen cornifications.

ichthyosis fish scale disease treatment eucerin

The UreaRepair PLUS Lotion intensively moisturizes and promotes desquamation.

Recommended care products

Extremely dry skin, prone to itching and flaking

UreaRepair PLUS Lotion 10% 250ml

– Immediate and long-lasting relief – With Repair PLUS Complex – Moisturizes and strengthens the skin barrier – For smooth and supple skin – For psoriasis, keratosis pilaris, diabetes

Dry to very dry skin

UreaRepair PLUS Lotion 5% with soothing fragrance 250ml

48h intensive care for dry to very dry skin

UreaRepair PLUS Lotion 5% 250ml

– Immediate and long-lasting relief – With Repair PLUS complex – Moisturizes and strengthens the skin barrier – For smooth and supple skin – For diabetes care

UreaRepair PLUS Moisturizing Cream 5%

– Immediate and long-lasting relief – With Repair PLUS complex – Moisturizes and strengthens the skin barrier – Creamy texture – Also for the care of psoriasis, diabetes

Extremely dry, rough feet

UreaRepair PLUS Foot Cream 10%

– Smoothes dry feet and protects for 48 h – With Repair-PLUS complex – Moisturizes and strengthens the skin barrier – Reduces prere points and cornification – For the care of psoriasis, diabetes

Extremely dry, rough and thickened skin areas

UreaRepair PLUS 30% Urea Cream

– For extremely dry, rough, scaly and thickened skin areas – Intensive care for short-term application to hyperkeratotic skin areas – With 30% urea, ceramides and other natural moisturizing factors

UreaRepair ORIGINAL Wash Fluid 5%

– Mild, active cleansing fluid – Reduces the wash-out of skin's own moisturizing factors – Soothes and relieves itching

UreaRepair PLUS shower foam with soothing fragrance

With a soothing, delicate fragrance, this light and gentle cleansing foam effectively cleanses skin without drying or irritating it. Also suitable for the care of neurodermatitis, psoriasis and/ or diabetic skin. PZN: 16763214 | Size: 200ml

Very dry, rough skin

UreaRepair ORIGINAL Cream 5%

– Rich intensive care – Provides long-lasting moisture – For rough and flaky skin – For problem areas such as elbows or knees – For psoriasis, keratosis pilaris

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