Ideal distance from power lines

Ideal distance from power lines! High-voltage power lines generate strong electrical. Alternating magnetic fields. From a building biology point of view, the latter are particularly relevant, since they cannot be reduced by any biological construction method – and who would want to live with less field, but in a windowless bunker?.

Ideal distance from power lines

Attention: The WHO has defined a precautionary value because of the risk of cancer – the German limit value, however, expects the population 300 times more! The field situation is therefore decisive for purchase, rent and housing.

High-voltage pylons are particularly eye-catching, so we are often asked about the precautionary safety distance. There is a very rough rule of thumb for this, namely 1 meter per kV voltage (for the large masts this is 380 kV, i.e. 380 m distance). In our experience, this is pretty much enough to rule out magnetic field exposure. Often 50 to 200 meters is enough – but not always.

Only an individual measurement can clarify the situation. This is also possible by mail – just ask us!

Transformer housing

Transformer buildings are also a frequent source of concern for our customers. Here, the recommendation of a "safe" distance requires further excursion: The magnetic fields directly at the transformer are huge, but decrease very quickly with distance. At the transformer house itself is therefore usually sufficient 5 to 10 meters. But at the transformer bundle themselves-. Draining power lines. Irritatingly, the following applies here High voltage – low current – relatively low magnetic fields BUT low voltage – high current – relatively high magnetic fields! And these pipelines are now underground. Are therefore overlooked for the time being. Depending on the line routing and configuration, we unfortunately often have increased field strengths over a wide area, even through ground lines. See also the technical article "Lifelong" in our download area.

Railroad current

Electrified railroad lines and high-voltage power lines are also strong field sources. Studies indicate increased disease rates in train drivers. Starting from railroad lines there are additional fault currents via the ground -. Thus wide spreading is possible. Thus, even far away from railroad lines, there may be increased exposure to traction current. Because of the strongly fluctuating magnetic fields, a greater distance is advisable here. Here you can read on especially about traction current: magnetic fields free house

That you can do

Let measure individually, because only the measurement can clarify the respective situation. This is cheaper than you might think: From 390 € with shipping, taxes and everything& on it – Germany-wide!

Also foreign use is possible – Click here for the service description

There are always surprises – negative as well as positive. Measurements are all the more informative the longer the period checked – because: Fluctuating power consumption creates equally variable alternating magnetic fields. The recording should therefore run at least one day and one night, better one week.

Our customers can carry out such a long-term measurement themselves on site with three-dimensional measuring instruments – we evaluate the data professionally and provide an expert assessment of the results.

We are there for you!

You would like to know how the load looks like on your dream property? No problem!

– We create a customized investigation strategy with you, – send you professional isotropic recording devices, – advise you on the implementation, – evaluate the recording and – provide you with a meaningful basis for decision-making.

If it should be inconspicuous: The seller does not have to notice. Also for such cases we find a discreet solution.

The plot is a bit bigger? Also no problem, because you can also get several measuring devices at the same time.

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