If the cat has diarrhea cuddle the cat

If the cat has diarrhea…Just as with humans, severe diarrhea over a long period of time can be dangerous for a cat. Careful observation and correct reaction can be of decisive importance.

A list of symptoms for when a cat has diarrhea, I can certainly save at this point..

If you want to try it out, I recommend the very affordable and healthy variant of Animonda Integra Protect, which is particularly suitable for food allergies, but due to the absence of wheat is anyway the much healthier option than most of the products available in the supermarket or discounter.

HERE is a link for those who would like to have a look at such a food.

Severe, persistent diarrhea

If your cat has severe and persistent diarrhea, there are many things that can cause it. In any case, you should no longer “experiment” here: Off to the vet!

Change of diet can be tried at a later stage and is often recommended anyway. But in such a situation to do some medicine by yourself is definitely not recommended.

In a nutshell:

– Occasional and light diarrhea can be consequences of wrong nutrition – Longer lasting, light diarrhea can speak for incompatibilities – Many cat foods of big manufacturers are of bad quality -> look for substitutes! – Permanent or severe diarrhea poses a risk -> Please consult a veterinarian! Here is another video “on the subject” 😉

For the “reading lazy” the whole thing as video

Your experience is needed! Do you have any other experiences where cats can get diarrhea from?? Maybe you know some tips & tricks, how the quadruped can get his problems quickly under control again?! Help other cat owners and share your experience in the comments below this post!

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