Ii i parrot keeping tips tricks top 10 parrots

Is a parrot suitable for me at all? ? – Do I have the necessary space for the proper keeping of the bird?? – I have the time to always take good care of the animal, groom it and spend enough time with it? – Can and will I take the necessary consideration for me? – Where to go with the animal on vacation or in case of illness? – Parrots can reach a very high age (over 70 years), where to go with the animal, if I can no longer care for it myself??

Parrots are not cuddly animals

Parrot attitude Before buying, it is important to realize that parrots are very affectionate and join the family and can not – times just – be given away again.

Yes, parrots can be very trusting after a while and yes, you can even pick them up. At this point it should be said that we should not be disappointed if this is not the case.

Ii i parrot keeping tips tricks top 10 parrots

Accommodation options

From round cages& Aviary is generally not recommended, because in such a cage / aviary no species-appropriate attitude can take place.Tame parrots, which are often let out, could inhabit a round cage rather, nevertheless, from round cages distance is to be kept.

The apartment of our favorite can never be large enough, but easily too small.Each bird must have sufficient freedom of movement.

Suitable bird cages/aviaries can be found HERE: Bird aviaries – bird cages for birds

parrot keeping -what you should know

Location of the cage/aviary + parrot keeping

The location of the bird cage/aviary is one of the most essential milestones that determine the well-being in parrot keeping. In the following, the most important components of an ideal site are listed in bullet points and broken down individually. Basically, the following factors should be considered:

– The bird needs a permanent place where it is at home and where it can retreat as desired. – The room in which the cage / aviary is located must be of constant temperature which is also in winter between 19 and 24 degrees celsius . – The place should be bright, but not in direct sunlight.direct exposure to the sun, which he can not avoid, can possibly lead to death.Choose the place near the window, but make sure beforehand that no cold air comes through the cracks, because the parrot could get sick from it, as well as from drafts caused by open windows and doors at the same time. – The cage/aviary should stand so high that no other activities take place above it and with the back against the wall, so the bird feels protected.

Food requirement and food composition

what do parrots eat ?

The basic feed: consists of sunflower seeds , millet grain and shiny seeds which are available in every

Green food -and food plants: Throughout the year, two excellent fruits are available, which are particularly suitable, fresh apples and carrots (carrots have a lot of vitamins especially provitamin A)

Ii i parrot keeping tips tricks top 10 parrots

Parrots food dispenser + occupation therapy*

Ready-made food for parrots and parakeets can be found here : Parrot food – ready mix*

Water needs

The daily fresh drinking water is the 2nd basis of the food supply, without sufficient water supply each bird goes in shortest time in.

– it is necessary to give fresh water to the birds every day. The water container should be free from droppings. Keep free of other impurities.

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