Implementation of occupational health and safety at rinn sustainability report 2022

With training, prevention, technical precautions and the introduction of management systems, we try to continuously improve health and well-being at Rinn.

We spend one third of the day at the workplace. Therefore, it is desirable that we find joy in our job. As an employer, we have to take care of this. Incentive for our employees to take part in a wide range of activities (Healthy in everyday life).

Occupational and commuting accidents

Preventing accidents and occupational illnesses is important for all of us. With the help of the "SmS" management system we can identify risks at an early stage. Taking remedial action with appropriate measures.

Since the certification of the management system in 2017, accidents have been reduced. Unfortunately, despite all efforts, 18 occupational accidents could not be prevented in 2020. Further reducing occupational accidents remains our goal.

Training hours in occupational health and safety

In production and loading, many employees work daily on machines and equipment with state-of-the-art technology. The use of the latest safety technology on the machines. Facilities are a basic prerequisite for a safely protected workplace.

The continuous implementation of legal requirements is extremely important for our managers and safety officers. Employee training is of fundamental importance in this context. It is important to make often dry topics interesting and to communicate them to all employees throughout the plant.

In production, plant-specific instruction is carried out in the familiar working environment. Employees in administration and sales can complete the necessary training courses from the comfort of their desks using the e-learning method.

Further information in the GRI report

Occupational safety

Occupational safety and health protection at Rinn are monitored and continuously developed by the Occupational Health and Safety Management System (AMS) officer. It works closely with occupational safety specialists, company doctors, external experts from the employers' liability insurance association and the works council. The AMS reports directly to the management. The occupational health and safety committee represents the interests of the workforce. Consults in quarterly meetings on current as well as strategic topics to improve occupational safety. In the ASA meetings, accident statistics are analyzed and solutions are worked out on how to prevent accidents and their implementation is monitored. Also investments in the working-. Health and safety are discussed.

Fit and healthy through exercise and the right diet

Implementation of occupational health and safety at rinn sustainability report 2022

In order to promote health-oriented behavior, employees can look forward to wholesome and regional meals in the bistros, which are prepared fresh and balanced daily.

With various courses and sports events, everyone can do something good for their body in their everyday working life or simply switch off for a change. are offered:

– Back fit courses – Yoga – Relaxation sessions – Chair massage – Health and nutrition counseling – Healthy eating options – Leisure activities e.B. Dragon boat and company runs – cost coverage of VHS courses in health and nutrition

In addition, Rinn participates in sports events such as dragon boat training or company runs, which the employees organize themselves.

Lifting and carrying training

Implementation of occupational safety and health protection at rinn sustainability report 2022

The 11. February 2020 was not only intended to be a theoretical day for Rinn employees in Steinbach, with information on occupational safety and product innovations, but also to provide an opportunity to learn something for individual back health. Because their personal lifting and carrying training was on the agenda. Loosening-up and mobilization exercises benefited employees at the start of the program. These enable them to compensate for one-sided and stressful postures. The Steinbachers showed themselves to be a great team with good coordination skills! It continued with the teaching of anatomical. Physiological knowledge about one's own body. This serves a better handling and a more conscious perception in areas that often lead to problems, such as the development of the child.B. Back and shoulder.

Lifting and carrying techniques that are easy on the back, initially carried out as a dry run, form the basis for subsequent implementation in the workplace. The classic technique of squatting with a straight back is used here, among other things.

After various exercises and preparations in the group, the participants left the safe environment of the bistro and went out into the rough world of stone production. Finally, the workplaces were inspected together and possibilities for health-promoting and back-conscious work were discussed and carried out.

Further training sessions are planned at all plants for 2021.

Corporate integration management

Implementation of occupational safety and health protection at rinn sustainability report 2022

After longer periods of incapacity for work, employees are able to participate in company integration management. The aim is to restore the health and working ability of those affected as quickly as possible and to maintain it in the long term. Possible measures range from gradual integration according to the Hamburg model to redesigning the workplace.

Prevention of mental stress

Implementation of occupational health and safety at rinn sustainability report 2022

Throughout Germany, mental stress in the workplace is the second most common cause of absenteeism due to illness. The annual analysis of absenteeism by health insurance companies has shown that mental illnesses at Rinn are significantly below the national average.

Nevertheless, the workplaces are assessed for mental stress in the risk assessments. For several years, managers have been sensitized to health ies in mini-workshops.

Through self-efficacy training, we support employees in cultivating self-responsible behavior in everyday life and in reacting to causes of psychological stress at an early stage. Each employee can also have confidential discussions with external coaches.

Safe with a system – SmS

The "Sicher mit System" (SmS) seal of approval is a management system for optimizing occupational health and safety. It was worked out by the professional association specific to the industry. Based on the national guideline for occupational health and safety management systems. In regular audits, external experts from the employers' liability insurance association check how occupational health and safety is organized and implemented in our company.

During the re-audits in 2017 for the SmS, we decided to also have our occupational health management (BGM) certified. The assessment ran parallel to the re-audits. Since November 2019, Rinn has been successfully recertified by the employers' liability insurance association in occupational health and safety. This certification is the first certification to be awarded across all sites and the requirements of an ISO standard. We can now officially demonstrate that we are certified in occupational health and safety in accordance with ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

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