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Personality ModelThe Psychological Numerology according to Dr. Mazza ® offers the key to capturing and clarifying the different personality levels of a person and their multiple personality traits. Various parts of our personality are located on the different levels, which contain aspects of our biography, our emotional injuries, thinking and behavior patterns. This diversity of the human psyche is identified by means of the individually determined numbers of Psychological Numerology according to Dr. Mazza ® illuminates.

Psychological numerology as a mirror of a person's personality

In the psychological numerology according to Dr. Mazza ® the multi-layered Personality model by Carl Gustav Jung used as an orientation for the production of the personality analysis, as its model takes into account the unconscious processes and the unconscious part of a person's personality.

The psychological numerology according to Dr. Mazza ® combines in an effective and successful combination the psychological aspects that make up the personality structure of a person with sound numerological knowledge.

Each area of a person's ego consciousness and unconscious can be examined in its complexity through a numerological personality analysis. Psychological numerology, with its systemic approaches, illuminates the different personality traits of a person and allows access to the development potential available to each aspect of personality. Accordingly, numerological analysis paves the way to self-knowledge, to recognize the hidden personal potential and individual talents.

The personality model of Psychological Numerology according to Dr. Mazza ® takes into account psychological aspects and was designed in this form to provide an effective orientation for the development of personality analysis and for the design of Systemic Psychological Numerology according to Dr. Mazza ® Coaching to be.

The levels of psychological numerology according to Dr. Mazza ®

Each layer of the numerological personality model corresponds to a particular aspect of a person's character and deals with personality traits of which the person himself is usually unaware.

The following description of the levels helps you to get a clear overview of the structure of your personality. At the same time, through this description you will find a guide to understand your numerological personality profile in the best possible way and the assistance contained therein can be used effectively. The following tables clarify the relationships between personality traits and the personal numbers assigned to each level.

In their unique combinations, numbers act as a key to a holistic view of our personality and our potential for development.

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Level of expression – The path to authentic self-expression

The expressive layer is located at the boundary between the ego-consciousness and the unconsciousness. This layer of our personality structure includes the way of personal, authentic self-expression, as well as possible roles we take on in our social appearance and in our interpersonal relationships. In addition, the numbers of the expression level describe more about the talents and the innate dispositions of a person, which he is more or less aware of depending on his personal development and biography.

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