Individual mattresses from your sleep experts schlafteq

All schlafTEQ sleep experts, are specially trained and certified by sleep researchers, physicians and therapists of the Salzburg sleep research institute Proschlaf.

Individual mattresses from your sleep experts schlafteq

The couch simulator: For objective results.

Every body is different. This is exactly why we design our environment according to our needs. The reclining simulator makes it possible to adjust your sleeping place to your needs.

Individual mattresses from your sleep experts schlafteq

The 100% service guarantee, always included.

– 6 months free replacement modules – 10-year retrofit warranty – Personal online service account – Personal sleep expert

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Level 24 mattress

Individually adaptable. Created for diversity.

The Level 24 mattress is the most used system at schlafTEQ. By combining different materials (natural latex, visco, cold foam, gel foam, etc.), we can create the perfect sleeping surface.) and by using the couch simulator, the Level 24 can be adjusted exactly to your sleeping needs. The 100% service guarantee ensures a good night's sleep even after many years of use.

Individual mattresses from your sleep experts schlafteq

"There is no product in everyday life that exerts its influence on the body longer than the sleeping pad. From a medical point of view, it is therefore essential to provide the body with an orthopedically correct sleeping surface."

Dr. med. Johannes Mayrhofer

Specialist in orthopedics and medical director of schlafTEQ

How sleeping works

schlafTEQ uses the findings of the Salzburg sleep research institute Proschlaf which has been active in this field of research for several decades.

A head start through research.

The Proschlaf Institute at the arztezentrum Salzburg (AZS) has been working for almost two decades, together with the University of Salzburg, in the field of physical sleep research. The resulting developments have already been awarded two innovation prizes.

The direct way to the right mattress: Get advice now

Real people, real experiences.

A good night's sleep is a prerequisite for a good day. We always have customers who tell us about their experiences. We are happy to provide you with these reports.

Sleep, bed, health.

Few fields of research can raise as many questions as the topic of sleep. In our knowledge blog, we take the time to share with you some of the core principles on this and related topics. If you have any questions on specific topics, please feel free to send them to us by e-mail, or via the contact form.

How important is a high-quality mattress really??

Shoulder pain, back pain, arms/legs falling asleep – does the mattress now play the main role in physical ailments or not?

La La . Slatted frame. The team player for healthy sleep.

Paradoxically, nowadays the slatted frame is often bought independently of the mattress. In the sense of a coordinated sleep place is not purposeful .

Pillow fight. What makes a good pillow?

The orthopedic pillow, as many know it, has a peculiar shape and guarantees good head support during the night's rest. But is it worth the investment?

How much does it make sense to invest in a mattress?

Often mattress buyers are confronted with the problem of the financial sense of their project. No wonder when all price categories promise almost the same thing .

Intervertebral disc problem: Why the mattress matters?

According to Statistics Austria, ca. 2.3 million Austrians suffer from back pain. Often problems of the intervertebral discs are a reason for these often very painful symptoms .

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